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Jared Spurgeon Injured by Cody McLeod: Spin the Wheel

Just a bit ago, Jared Spurgeon was hit from behind by Cody McLeod, going head first into the back boards. Again, McLeod saw nothing but numbers, and made the hit anyway. Spurgeon was injured on the play, with it looking to maybe be one of multiple things. He went in head first, but looked to not be able to put pressure on his left leg.

Here is the hit (video from @Fels0096):

So, what are we betting the league gives for the reason not to suspend on this one? Spurgeon is a Zizzer-Zazzer Zuzz as we can plainly see? Another toe pick? Some other fairy tale from Mother Goose or Walt Disney?

This one is 100% on Brendan Shanahan and his team. Cody McLeod made the hit, but the Department of Player "Safety" failed to send the message. Someday they'll learn. What are the chances that day is today? I have the odds somewhere between zero and none.

Of course, so many decry the "pansification" of the game. If you take out hits like this, you kill the game. After all, it is a contact sport. Well, I have a question, but I'll let the video ask it: