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Wilderness Walk for 12-28-2011: Game Day Edition

Expect big news from the Wild today. Not because I have insider information, but because I will be out of contact most of the day, and therefore will have no idea what is happening. Thus, something is bound to happen. Enjoy that.

Yesterday, we were reminded just how little the Wild matter in the scheme of things for the NHL. You think you are going to see a Winter Classic here in the next decade? You may want to pull your head from the clouds. Until the league feels it is necessary to suspend players for dirty hits that violate their own rules, the NHL is far from ready to admit the Wild are ready for prime time.

Such is life.

You do, however, get hockey today, despite the NHL's best efforts to pretend neither of the teams involved are real. The game is still, I believe, worth the same amount of points as the Flyers vs the Rangers. Strange coincidence there.

Also, team USA vs team Finland is on NHL Network at 2:30. All kinds of future Wild players involved. Enjoy.

Wild News

Wild trying to discover the lesson in its slump | - The lesson? Quit sucking. (That would be what my old boss would tell you, anyway.)

Game Day: Wild at Nashville | - Game preview from the Strib.

Spurgeon won't play in Nashville; two called up | - Indeed. Le sigh.

Wild's losing streak breeds "fragile" psyche - - Fragile. Good word.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: DiSalvatore and Prosser Called Up To Wild - We'll have more on DiSalvatore if he is put into the lineup. Otherwise, know this is a very cool thing to do. DiSalvatore is the captain of the Aeros.

USA expects tough Finland performance – - Better be ready.

That's it and that's all. If you come across a link we missed, share it in the comment section, please.