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Wilderness Walk for 12-5-2011

This guy does everything. Now he's signing the national anthems?
This guy does everything. Now he's signing the national anthems?

Welcome back, hockey fans. How was your weekend off watching... barf... football? Hopefully it was worth it, because you missed a heck of a good time. Who wants to watch the Packers win and continued BCS BS? Come to the dark side. Stay here.

We're running behind schedule again today, a delay brought to by Exhaustion(tm) and it's subsidiary group UnableToSleepAtNight(R). We'll get you everything a Monday promises you, including a Walk that needs to be fully enjoyed, and your Weekly Wild Update (coming later this afternoon). Hopefully all of you will forgive us this once. Any of you that have children will understand completely.

Enjoy your Monday.

Wild News

NHL-leading Wild's "stick-to-it-ness" continues with yet another comeback win | - Post game Rants.

With realignment on NHL's agenda, Wild longs for the Midwest | - Do the right thing, NHL.

Minnesota Wild Refuse To Lose, And NHL Fans Refuse To Notice - - Great piece over at the NHL Hub from our own Bruce Ciskie.

NHL Rankings: Let's talk about the Minnesota Wild | Sports | National Post - Wait... Canada figured out who the Wild are. Everyone scatter!

Off the Trail

Tea with Ms. Conduct: Stats worth geeking over | Backhand Shelf | Blogs | - A must read from MsConduct in her gig at BHS. Good times.

Don’t Feel Sorry for Yourself " eliteleadershiptraining - Good stuff here, too.

Derek Boogaard - Blood on the Ice - - Part 2 of the amazing series. This is your lunch time reading.

What you Missed

Here's what you missed here at HW while you were off doing whatever it is you do.

Hockey Wilderness Power Rankings: 12-2-2011 - Hockey Wilderness - Weekly power rankings from Hockey Wilderness. This week? Size matters.

High School Study Guide: There will be a test - Hockey Wilderness - A look back at the week's action in the Minnesota High School Hockey League.

Minnesota Wild vs New Jersey Devils: Game Recap - Hockey Wilderness - Wild vs Devils recap.

Former Player Tracking: Is Anyone Still Missed? - Hockey Wilderness - Our look back at the players you might miss.

Minnesota Wild Stock Market Report: Week of 12-3-2011 - Hockey Wilderness - Weekly stock market report.

Minnesota Wild vs. Anaheim Ducks: Game Recap - Hockey Wilderness - Duck Season or Wabbit Season? Duck Season. Wild rise to top spot in the NHL again.