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Wilderness Walk for 12-6-2011: Game Day Edition

Oh sol a mio... (yes, we used this yesterday. Today, you get to give us a caption for it.)
Oh sol a mio... (yes, we used this yesterday. Today, you get to give us a caption for it.)

Realignment will be the theme of the day. Be ready to hear about it everywhere you go, everything you read. Be sure to be prepared for that, since it is a massive story. Well... at least until Sidney Crosby takes the ice for practice.

Yes, the NHL realigned itself last night, as you all most certainly read about here at HW, right? It is good for nearly every team, and still four teams voted against it. Good for them. Always good for a team to make it clear that the name on the back is more important.

As for the Wild, this is exactly what the wanted, and makes for a much better experience for them, and their fans. It is also good for Sidney Crosby. It has to be, otherwise it wouldn't have passed. The only question that remains is... did the Board of Governors properly consults their advanced stats before making this decision.

I sure hope so.

Here is the presser from last night about realignment.

Wild News

Homecoming day for Wild | - Realignment will be a theme. This is your starting place.

California prospect strikes goals | - Great piece on Casey Wellman's coming home to San Jose.

Leipold gets his wish: Wild out of the Northwest | - But he doesn't care. He doesn't spend to the cap. Not enough Minnesotans. Come on, now... you can find something to gripe about, right Minnesota?

Zulgad: NHL's conference plan will put Wild right where they belong | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Yes, yes it does.

Enemy News

Minnesota Wild off to hot start despite low production from former San Jose Sharks - San Jose Mercury News - Local angles always rule supreme.

And now, a few minutes with Dany Heatley and Devin Setoguchi | Working the Corners - Left overs from an interview with Heatley and Setoguchi.

San Jose Sharks facts for Tuesday's game vs. Minnesota Wild - San Jose Mercury News - Game preview from the SJ side.

Fear The Fin - Your home for everything Sharks on SBNation. Another one of my personal favorites on the network.

Off the Trail

Derek Boogaard - A Brain ‘Going Bad’ - - The final part in the three part series. This one is a tough read, so beware of that. We learn in it that he had CTE (a disease caused by repeated head blows) at just 28 years old. I can't tell you that I am a convert and oppose fighting in the NHL, but this certainly gives me pause. Not sure it is worth it.