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Wilderness Walk for 12-8-2011: Game Day Edition

And here we have a Matt Hackett, outstanding goal... LOOK OUT THEY SPIT!
And here we have a Matt Hackett, outstanding goal... LOOK OUT THEY SPIT!

Albert Pujols signed a contract worth $250 million dollars to play in Anaheim next year. Let's go ahead and break this down. With his OPS and BABIP, the Angels immediately become...

Yeah. No one cares. Enjoy the money, Albert.

The big news today is the the Wild have five wins in a row, which by their pattern, suggests they are in trouble tonight against the Kings. Win five, lose two. It is rather exhausting, I would guess, to win so many hockey games, so no one would be overly upset if they follow that pattern the rest of the season. Though, if they could beat the Coyotes, that would be great. I don't want to listen to Five for Howling gloat the next time they are in town.

Links and news, as always, after the jump.

Wild News

Harding questionable, Setoguchi out; Starting goalie up in the air; Latendresse, Zidlicky updates | - Setoguchi looks to be really hurt. Latendresse and Zidlicky at least on the path to return, Harding... well... who knows. Mixed bag here.

Harding Doing Well; Setoguchi "Not As Well" | -Here is the Lighthouse with their take.

Wild fill-in goalie Matt Hackett was groomed for just such a moment - - Yes. It's called, "development."

Matt Hackett file | - Feels like we should have Dragnet music here.

Teammates ease goalie Hackett's excellent debut | - Indeed. He owes them a pizza.

NHL Power Rankings: Week 10 | Hockey | CBC Sports - Wait just a damn minute here. The CBC moved the Wild from 8 to 1? Clearly their stat guy is on vacation. Right?

Trophy Tracker: GM of the Year Award - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN - GM of the year? Cool. The fact that Yeo got little discussion for Jack Adams last week? Uncool.

Enemy News

NHL - Ducks, Kings, Drew Doughty, Bobby Ryan - - - Yep, that's the title for the LA Times Kings / Ducks coverage page. Wonder how the rest of those teams feel.

Jewels From The Crown - SBNation home for all things Kings.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: More WJC Notes: 6 More Wild Prospects On Path To Play - And you gotta love that.

Metro - Bulmer leads Kelowna over Lethbridge - The guy is a scoring machine.

Off the Trail

Former North Stars General Manager is against fighting in the NHL | - Excellent interview with Lou Nanne. Courtesy of Dave Schwartz from KARE11.

Myers: Jets resurrection means renewal of the northern hockey rivalry - Minnesota Wild news | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities – Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) - Eh. Still not overly thrilled Winnipeg is back, but if it makes people up north happy, I'll get on board. A bit.

Rocket's Red Glare: Realignment opportunities the NHL might have missed | - Need a good laugh? Read this.