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Wilderness Walk for 2-11-2011: Game Day Edition

A home and home against the Blues? Back in the day, this would have been a recipe for bloody mouths and cracked heads. Today, it is just another game, since the Wild and Blues aren't in the same division. Sad, really, since Saint Louis is a good team. Wild fans just don't hear much about them. One thing most, and I say most because some of their fans have infiltrated our happy collective, but most of the Wilderness and Blues fans agree on one thing... that the Red Wings can jump off a cliff.

Today's Walk is pretty short, but there is some fine work to be read. Make sure you take some time to absorb it. It really is high quality work today.

You also have the Question of the Day to entertain you, and... have you decide to grab some pledges for Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops? Maybe you should check that out.

Wild News


Butterfly effect: Keeping goalies healthy | - Great piece from Russo today on the butterfly style, and what impact it has on a goalie. Excellent work.

Darby Hendrickson: Hockey is part of life in Minnesota - - Darby Hendrickson with a guest piece for the Pioneer Press. Good stuff.

Minnesota Wild draftee Jason Zucker a hit in WCHA - - He would be a hit here, too. Patience... patience...

Enemy News


St. Louis Blues news, NHL hockey schedule, stats, forums, photos & video - Saint Louis Newspaper

St. Louis Game Time - One of the more fun sites on SBNation. If you aren't ready for adult language, stay away. If you are, go say hi. They're good people.

Off the Trail

New rules for Russian names - Think you know how to spell your favorite player's name? Guess again.