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Hockey Day Minnesota Open Thread

Theo is excited. Are you?
Theo is excited. Are you?

For those of you coming in and out during Hockey Day Minnesota, here is a dedicated thread for you to hang out in. 

Here is the schedule:

10 a.m.: Wayzata vs. Roseau, at Moorhead

1:30 p.m.: Moorhead vs. Hill-Murray, at Moorhead

5 p.m.: Gophers vs. Denver, Mariucci Arena

8 p.m.: Wild vs. St. Louis, Xcel Energy Center

All games are on FSN, with some excellent, fun additions mixed in. See The Walk for the first part of that fun, but there will be more of that kind of thing throughout the day. FSN and the Wild have been doing this for five years now, and they have it nailed this year.

Make sure you tune in, and feel free to hang out here throughout the day. We'll have a game thread for the Wild game later, but if you are a hockey die-hard, let us know what you are watching. Talk some trash to your fellow Minnesotans. If you are from outside Minnesota... talk some trash at the crazy Minnesotans.

No matter what, have some fun.