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Sir Flops A Lot to Stop Flopping

In news that I find just heart wrenching to report, Peter Forsberg has decided to call it quits. He will announce his retirement later this afternoon, after just two games with the Avalanche. In his efforts he was a minus 4, with 3 shots on goal, 42 shifts, and 35:10 of very expensive TOI.

From the Avalanche Press Release:

 Colorado Avalanche forward Peter Forsberg will hold a press conference today (Monday, February 14) at 2:30 p.m. at Pepsi Center.

At that time, he will announce his retirement from the game of hockey.

 The press conference will be held at The Ridgeline Restaurant on the club level.

After signing a one year, one million dollar contract at age 37, the contract remains on the books for the remainder of the season. Not that it matters as the Avs have one of the lowest cap hits in the league, but it is still sweet to see them eat this contract. Hopefully they signed it with steak sauce. 

I will now go back to not caring what happens to Peter Forsberg, and wish him well in his future flopping endeavors. Please visit Mile High Hockey for the Colorado take on this topic.

Someone call Dater. We need to keep him off the ledge.

Author's note: I have been given new information - The length of the contract is only one year. It does not count against the cap, nor is it considered a 35+ contract for those purposes.