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Wilderness Walk for 2-15-2011: Game Day Edition

Welcome to the day after the made up semi-romantic greeting card company day! Of course, there is hockey tonight, so there is that. I think the Wild may be playing someone you all know, although I am not sure about that. Should be a good one, since this particular opponent is absolutely owned here in Minnesota. Always enjoyable when they come to town.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the few opposing fans for stopping by yesterday and issuing summary judgement against the entire blog simply because I do not like Peter Forsberg and made fun of him. Your thoughtful, reasoned comments have truly made me see the error of my ways. There were many lessons to be learned yesterday, and I think I have a grasp on all of them now. Again, thank you to each of you for your tempered and completely logical responses. How I ever could hold my own opinion in the face of such wonderfully learned arguments? I am a better person having read your words.*

Today's Walk has some good stuff, so make sure you take it all in. Perhaps today is the day you check out your first Question of the Day. Or maybe it is your awakening to the joy of pledging some cash to the Defending the Blue Line Skate for the Troops. Or... maybe you could even write your first FanPost today.

Who knows. Today is a new day. A Floppa free day. A good day.

Wild News

Emerging identity keeps Wild in the playoff hunt | - Anyone else who kept waiting for Russo to throw a sentence in that said "They are now the hard working team they set out to be in October. Sorry Tom" ? No? Just me? OK.

Dozens of Wild fans duped by counterfeit tickets | - Here is my version: Hey! Wild fans! Don't buy tickets from some drunk idiot you just met at the bar. Cool? Cool. (Seriously though, people are getting hosed. Be careful.)

Zidlicky takes contact, inches closer to return | - Inching ever closer to a Cam Barker heavy pressbox.

Wild regain their home-ice mojo with four-game winning streak at the X - - Four game streak? Looking at the calendar, with tonight's opponent, it sure looks like five to me. 

Enemy News

Sports - Hockey - The Vancouver Sun - Local paper in Canucklehead land.

Nucks Misconduct - Who would have thought that the Nucks blog would be the one we get along with the best? Good people over at NM. 

System News

First Round Bust: Restocking The Cupboard: Tyler Johnson - Great stuff from FRB.

Off the Trail

Peter Forsberg to announce retirement after 35-minute comeback - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - I include this for two reasons. One, the headline is awesome. Two, Wysh disagrees with my position. If you notice the comment section, at no point to I go on a tirade telling him his blog his crap, he is crap, or that nothing he has ever done is worth reading. I simply disagree with him and move on. Ah... so that's how it is done. Amazing.

*I may not have actually learned anything. These words may simply be written with so much sarcasm that my computer is attempting shut down under the weight of the sarcasm. It may be that I will voice my opinion when I see fit, and could not care less that someone disagrees with me, no matter how much the cuss, kick and scream like a two year old. Could be it was all a ruse. Could be.