If a win was 3 points...

First off, to oblige Bryan, I thought I'd make a fanpost. This topic has been on my mind for a long time: what team is benefiting most from the extra 5 minutes? What teams are suffering because they're not making it to the extra frame?

I retooled the standings to reflect the following point outcomes: 3 points for a regulation win; 2 points for an overtime win; and 1 point for an overtime loss. (I updated the standings to reflect what they'd be like tonight using for standings regarding current standings, OTW, OTL, and SO record). Here's what I found:

Western Conference Standings

1) Vancouver: 33 Wins - 4 OTW - 9 OTL (2-5 in SO)= 116 points (1 in current standings)

2) Detroit: 25 Wins - 9 OTW - 6 OTL (2-2 in SO) = 99 points (2 currently)

3) Phoenix: 26 Wins - 4 OTW - 9 OTL (3-3 in SO) = 95 points (3)

4) San Jose: 25 W - 6OTW - 6 OTL (3-2 in SO) = 93 points (7)

5) Anaheim: 24 W - 8 OTW - 4 OTL (4-2 in SO) = 92 points (4)

6) Nashville: 24 W - 6 OTW - 7 OTL (6-3 in SO) = 92 Points (6)

7) Dallas: 22 W - 9 OTW - 6 OTL (5-4 in SO)= 90 Points (5)

8) LA: 24 W - 7 OTW - 3 OTL (6-1 in SO) = 89 Points (10)

9) Minnesota : 24 W - 6 OTW - 5 OTL (2-4 in SO)= 89 Points (9)

10) Calgary: 20 W - 9 OTW - 8 OTL (7-5 in SO) = 86 Points (8)

11) Chicago: 23 W - 5 OTW - 6 OTL (3-4 in SO)= 85 (11)

12) Columbus: 20 W - 8 OTW - 5 OTL (4-2 in SO)= 81 (12)

13) STL: 20 W - 5 OTW - 9 OTL (3-5 in SO) = 79 (13)

14) Colorado: 17 W - 8 OTW - 6 OTL (3-0 in SO) = 73 (14)

15) Edmonton: 14 W - 3 OTW - 8 OTL (1-7 in SO) = 56 (15)

Overall I noticed that there wasn't a huge difference between the current standings and the "New style" standings. However, it's still relatively early in the season and no one knows how a 3 point system would shake up the playoffs race at the end of the year. However, if the season ended now (yes, I know that's an overused scenario), a 3 point system would have a bit of say in the seeding and would even have a say in getting a team into the playoffs while kicking one out.

The teams that are affected positively by this 3 point system: San Jose (4th in new system, 7th in regular) and Los Angeles (8th in new system, 10th in old). Both teams are drastically affected by the change. San Jose moves up 3 spots and would get 4 home games in the playoffs as a result. Los Angeles would earn a spot in the playoffs.

The teams negatively affected by the 3 point system: Dallas (7th in new system, 5th in regular) and Calgary (10th in new system, 8th in regular). These teams are the ones that are benefiting from the 2 point system. Calgary is actually out of the playoffs by a full (non-OT) win. Dallas is only affected by seeding, but with only 22 non-OT wins (both MN and LA have 24 wins as 9th and 8th seeds, respectively), the Stars are surely benefiting from the current system.

So, the inevitable question arises: why is an OTW worth less than a regular win? Well, a win is a win, but if we're going to award a team for getting into the overtime and losing, that point has to come from somewhere. It only seems right to take that point from the the team that allowed the losing team to get into the overtime with them. Also, taking a point away from an OTW takes away some of the importance of the shootout (which to hockey purists is a good thing).

In the end, would 3 point standings get more deserving teams into the playoffs? I think so. As you can see, there hasn't been a resounding overhaul of the 3 point standings from the 2 point standings. Only two teams swapped playoff positions, so it wouldn't shake the fundamental nature of the playoff race.

My opinion, however, is that a team that wins more in regulation would be a more competitive team in the playoffs. Teams can't rely on their shootout specialists to bail them out in the playoffs, so the teams that are better in regulation and don't rely on the OT points deserve to be in the playoffs. The 3 point system better reflects how a team does in 5v5 hockey and therefore reflects the team's aptitude for playoff style hockey.

What does Hockey Wilderness think? Why would a 3 point system be good/bad?

The opinions posted here are not those of Hockey Wilderness.