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Wilderness Walk for 2-16-2011: Game Day Edition

We have a big Walk in store for you today. I know that isn't the nicest thing to do to you on the second day of a back-to-back, but it is what it is. Plenty out there to read, and if the Wild are going to go for the heart attack playoff spot, there will likely be plenty to read as the days go on. 

Playoff races are fun, and easy, to write about, with pre-made ledes, built in stories, and great quotes. Oh, and the trade deadline is coming up, so don't expect your daily reading level to dip much. 

For today, you have stores from all over the place. We hope you enjoy it. Make sure you head over and check the Question of the Day on Facebook, read up on Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops, and maybe make a FanPost. You fellow Wilderness readers are. You can too.

Wild News


Wild effort at the end can't close up the gap | - Russo's gamer.


Barker won't leave lineup without fight | - The Wilderness disagrees, but we're a bitter lot.


Canucks end Minnesota Misery with victory in St. Paul | - post game Rants.


One winter sports team that matters | - Good piece from Jim Souhan.

Tom Powers: Home loss a bitter pill for case of Wild Fever that was starting to spread through the X - The fever won't go away because of one loss. Despite what our friend Tom thinks, Wild fans were impressed last night by, wait for it... hard work. Sorry Tom.

Minnesota Wild pay for not jumping on travel-weary Vancouver Canucks - - The Wild did fail to win against a team they dominated, so...

The Third Intermission: Pics from Saturday's Wild Game - Pics from Saturday's Wild game. Check them out. These are the pics we get from Getty and AP. The Best Place for Minor Hockey News - A look at the deadline by HW's own Dan Chan.

System News

Looking For Some Cool Photos… | Pilot to Gunner - Pictures from the Aeros game here at the X and of the Wild game.

Enemy News


Chicago Tribune: Chicago news, sports, weather and traffic - Chicago newspaper 

News articles and headlines from the Chicago Sun-Times - Yet another

Second City Hockey - SBNation home for the Hawks. Check them out, they are good stuff.

Off the Trail

Behind Enemy Lines: Interview with’s Glen Andresen - A Hawks blog talks with's Glen Andresen.

Fan Posts / Fan Shots


If a win was 3 points... - Hockey Wilderness - A good look at what would change if the point system changed.

Freezin' For A Reason - Hockey Wilderness - Would you jump in a hole in the ice?

FanShots - Hockey Wilderness - For Minnesota Wild Fans - Good links from the Wilderness.