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Wilderness Walk for 2-17-2011

No game today? What's up with that? I get used to there being hockey every night when they do these back to backs, then they just yank the carpet out from under me. Sad, really. 

A much shorter Walk today, so everyone can relax. I know how much you all hate reading. Thus the reason you are visiting a blog, right? Hopefully you had time yesterday to check out all of the links. If not, take a moment today and go back. There was some really good stuff yesterday. Today's is more of a leisurely stroll. 

If you get bored, you can also head to Facebook for the Question of the Day, think about pledging or raising pledges for the Defending the Blue Line Skate for the Troops, or... and this is just a thought... you could send in some Trade Deadline "fact" based tid bits for the Hockey Wilderness Rumor Generator. Surely there has to be something going on out there... this is the trade deadline.

Wild News


Painful road loss translates to hard fall for the Minnesota Wild | - Another game they probably should have one. Hey... Lats... could you hurry up a bit?


Goalie goes all out to be relaxed | - I think it's the turtle neck, personally.


Lack of scoring, penalties doom Wild in Chicago | - Post game Rants.

Two goals in two nights add up two two losses for once-hot Minnesota Wild - - Gamer from the Pio.

Big hitter Cal Clutterbuck becoming a big scorer for Wild - - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just keep reminding me.