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Wilderness Walk for 2-18-2011: Game Day Edition

There was a game the day before yesterday, and yet, somehow, it feels like last week. Maybe it is because I haven't been able to watch them in a week. That could be it. Nah.

Another leisurely Walk today. I told you a few days ago that if the Wild win, and remain in the playoff race, they will be in the headlines across the league. The promptly went on to lose two games and drop to tenth. That translates to less coverage as they again drop off the radar of the "national" media. 

Oh well. We'll entertain ourselves, right? Right. We have the Question of the Day on Facebook. We have Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops. We have FanPosts and Fan Shots. We also have a near dead heat in the semi finals of the NHL's Worst Rule Contest. If you haven't voted, vote now. You vote matters here, unlike in a real election. Finally, don't forget to check out Dan's February Prospect Rankings (post directly before this one).

Wild News


Recovering Wild players: A bond develops | - An update on James Sheppard and Josh Harding

Minnesota Wild veteran defensemen assist in coaching rookies - - So wait, Cam Barker is teaching Jared Spurgeon? Isn't that like Shep teaching lessons on ATV safety?

First Round Bust: It's Not You Vancouver... - FRB makes the case for Vancouver not being a rival. Compelling argument.

Enemy News

Los Angeles Times - Anaheim Ducks - - All of your Ducks needs, plus, if you look hard enough, I bet you may find a gossip column. Just sayin.

Sports-Ducks - The Orange County Register - The Real Housewives of the Anaheim Ducks.

Anaheim Calling - SBNation Anaheim dedicated blog. 

Battle of California - Covering all California NHL hockey. What a painful life they must live...

System News

Haula Regaining his Finishing Ways - Nice article on Wild prospect Erik Haula.