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Wilderness Walk for 2-19-2011

So hey, sounds like the Wild need a captain for Sunday. Le sigh.

Terrible happenings in Minnesota. Dark, evil clouds threaten to rip the world molecule from molecule, and there is simply nothing worse that could happen. Oh, and Mikko's hand is hurt. While it is serious, and my bet is that it is broken, the sun will likely still come up. Not that it will be quite as bright as it was, but it will still come up.

Can the Wild still make the playoffs? I guess we'll see. For now, we get to just sit and stew until Monday. Wonderful.

Don't forget... Question of the Day on Facebook, do some soul searching and maybe make a pledge (or ask for some pledges) for Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops. Oh, and you could probably write up a little FanPost about your feelings on the loss of Mikko Koivu. It's a good topic. Or on who you think should be the captain in his absence. Or on if you think the Wild can pull together and make the playoffs anyway. Discuss.

Wild News

Wild plays through Koivu casualty | - Not good. Just. Not. Good.

Zidlicky's return from injury viewed as best possible deal | - Good news. We traded Mikko for Zids. Sigh.

Minnesota Wild to practice at John Rose Oval - - Want to go? Get there early.

Wild 5, Ducks 1: Minnesota surges past Anaheim to snap two-game losing streak - - Gamer from... well... you know.

If Kaptain Koivu is Out Long Term, Then What? - See? Russo is writing about it... you should too. 

System News

The Third Intermission: Knowing when to shut up is a virtue - Apparently, things are not going well in Houston. I blame Sidney Crosby.

The Third Intermission: What If They Played A Hockey Game And Nobody Came? - Check out the turn out for the Aeros game on Thursday.

Aeros Hockey and the Sounds of Silence - Houston News - Hair Balls - From the Houston Press