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Wilderness Walk for 2-20-2011: Game Day Edition

YAAAAAAAWWWN! Anyone else get any sleep this weekend? I haven't. Good fun.

Should be a fun one against the Wings today. ESPN and NBC are here, which tells me there is a big basketball game in town, yet I am told they are here for hockey. I'll believe it when I see it. Wild need this win, yet they have to do it without their Kaptain. I wonder if that story line will get any play form the guys at NBC. Nah... I'm sure it will slip through.

Also, much hated Todd Bertuzzi plays his 1000th game. I hope the fans headed down know that if the Wild acknowledge him for it, they better boo like they have never booed before. The guy is the face of everything that is wrong with the NHL, at least to me. If you're going, boo him loudly. I can't.

Make sure you squeeze in some time for the Facebook Question of the Day, and consider making a pledge to Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops. It is coming up next Sunday.

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