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Wilderness Walk for 2-24-2011: Game Day Edition

There is a game today, but just barely. I swear, it would be great if the Wild had more than two or three opponents in the same time zone. Get to it NHL. Viable markets or not, these billionaires should be able to take a loss so I can get some sleep at night. Seems like the right thing to do here.

For now, we have business to attend to. An eclectic group today in the Walk, we hope you enjoy it. The call ups from both sides of the coin, some love for Clutterbuck from far away, and a little fun with video. Put your seat belt on... yeah, you in the office chair... and get ready to dig in.

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Fun with Video

Clutterbuck introduces you to the newest member of the Minnesota Wild. (Thanks to CT for the find.)

Wild News

Another step for Wild's Sheppard | - "James Sheppard is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel." I think it's a train, but that could just be me. (Hey... ATVs have headlights, too...)

Wild nights save the day | - Michael Rand reminds you that the best thing going in Minnesota right now is the Wild.

Sheppard "practices" for first time; Barker injured, Prosser expected callup | - Russo updates the team news.

The Wild's Jose Theodore offers tips for aspiring goaltenders - -  Some great tips. All... um... three of them.

It's been a long, painful road back to the ice for Wild winger Guillaume Latendresse - - Would be really nice to see him lace 'em up soon. 

Prosser, Ortmeyer Both Will Get Call - has the news, too. 

Clutterbuck excels at mayhem - The Edmonton Journal gives Cal a little love.

Enemy News:

Jewels From The Crown

Battle of California

LA Times

System News

The Third Intermission: Ortmeyer, Prosser On Way to Wild - The flip side of the call up. Now, a question... are there conspiracies out there that the Wild are trying to tank the Aeros? Seems... counterproductive. 

The Third Intermission: The Complaint Box Is Open - Careful, it looks like John has set it up in this manner: