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Wilderness Walk for 2-27-2011

Before we go anywhere, let me apologize for the trauma of the racing picture on yesterday's Walk. You see, in an effort to bring you the best sports coverage in the world, SBNation migrated the whole kit and kaboodle to our own servers. That's right, we now are our own host. 

In the process, things were just a bit messy. Imagine moving from a home your rent to one you own, and you only have three hours to do it. Yeah. Things would get messy. Thus, the hockey pictures weren't quite unpacked by the time the Walk was due, so you got Daytona. I tried to write a caption under it to explain, but that didn't work either.

The issues are fixed, and we are back to 100%. Thank you for bearing with us.

The Walk today is pretty small, so get through that quickly. Head to Facebook and get the Question of the Day answered. Then, get in your car, on your bike, board a train, charter a flight, whatever and get down to the Eagan Ice Center for Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops.

After the laps, there will be a friendly game between the Military All Star Team and the NHL Amuni team featuring players such as Neal Broten and Shjon Podein. Come on out. It's free, and you can make a donation there if you wish. The even starts at 4, the game is at 6, and we wrap up by 9. 

Wild News


Wild likes chemistry, isn't desperate to deal | - Chemistry. I did well in the subject in high school by knowing how to respect it. Mess with the wrong piece and it blows up in your face.


Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: Will there be 'wow'? | - It should be interesting to watch TSN stretch nothing into something. (What you can expect from us will publish later today.)

Minnesota Wild finally see the real Martin Havlat - - Well, it has been about three months, but hey, better late than never, right?

System News

The Third Intermission: Aeros wallop OKC 5-0 - The Aeros needed a big win. They got it.