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Wilderness Walk for 2-3-2011: Game Day Edition

Apologies on the late post this AM. I was delayed by correspondence from another soldier on his way home. I have to tell you, I am humbled by the fact that these guys and gals continue to thank Hockey Wilderness for what we do here. The two jobs are completely incomparable, and we are eternally thankful for the work they do on a daily basis. I say again, if we provide some small comfort, we are glad we could help.

Never doubt just how much more important the job you all are doing is much more important than mine, and if you ever stop doing yours, I would not be able to do mine. So it is I who am thankful, and humbled yet again. I will continue to plug away from the safety of my couch in suburban Minneapolis while you dodge bullets and mortar shells, or do your jobs in the relative safety of a base.

Humbled. Speechless. Honored.

On to the Walk... today there are only a few posts, but they are good posts. Things you need to read to understand where this team is likely headed, and where it has been. Don't forget to swing over to Facebook for the Question of the Day.

Enjoy your day all. Wherever you are.

Get home safe, SPC Gruber. We'll talk to you soon.

Wild News


Wild's GM wants to make playoffs 'with this group' | -Great piece from Russo that signals that the trade deadline will be pretty quiet fro the Wild.


The ECHL - Premier 'AA' Hockey League | Brunette Becomes First ECHL Alum To Play In 1,000 NHL Games - A tid bit we all seemed to miss about Bruno. Just another example of just how hard this guy works (sorry Tom).


Video: As Wild's 'Bruno' hits 1,000, celebrating the underrated - Puck Daddy - NHL  - Yahoo! Sports - Missed this yesterday, but Puck Daddy gave Bruno some love.

Enemy News:

Mile High Hockey - SBNation home for the Avs. The commentariat doesn't like me much, but MHH does good work.

Newspaper - I don't think they have a beat writer anymore. They used to, but he went on to become a columnist. Tough break.



KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Brent Johnson > Rick DiPietro; A Franzen fiver - Johnson rocked him. Plain and simple.

Off the Trail

Greatest Hockey Five Goal Games in NHL History - Puck Daddy posted this on Twitter. Thought I would share. As I joked last night, all Franzen needs now is a never ending groin injury, and he would be worth $7.5 mil per year.