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Wilderness Walk for 2-5-2011: Game Day Edition

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Big Bird and Snuffleupagus pose for a picture at the NHL ASG.
Big Bird and Snuffleupagus pose for a picture at the NHL ASG.

You would think with Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert taking a shot at the Wild, there might be a bit more to talk about today. Fact is? There isn't. The truth is that Wild fans know that their team is playing the best hockey of the season, and that nothing any one, anywhere says about them can change that.

The fact is, the Wild moved from one point out of last place, and are now in the playoffs, and just 2 points out of fourth. If that is a terrible team, I would hate to see what label the Oilers are given. 

So, let it wash over your shoulders, folks. As the Wild compete for a play off spot, you are certain to see more writers taking shots across the bow. The more attention a team gets, the more people who will feel the need to say something without the proper backing. If you react to all of it, you will simply give yourself a heart attack.

Now, as for today, the Wild play a game tonight against a very disrespected franchise. Remember... you could always be a Yotes fan and have to deal with what they do everyday. I'm going to pass. 

Before the game, make sure you check out the Question of the Day. Should be fun.

Wild News


Proof is in positives for Clayton Stoner | - Clayton Stoner, given minutes to improve, has done just that. He looks like the Clayton Stoner that earned himself a one way deal last season. Should be interesting to see what happens when Zidlicky comes back.

Tom Powers: Jury's still out on Wild as a playoff team - - In your "uh, Duh" moment of the day, our friend Tom writes about how the Wild still haven't proven anything. Duh, Tom. They know it, too. Best part is at the end when Backstrom talks about working hard. The only thing that could have made it better is if Backs would have looked at him and said "Sorry, Tom."

First Round Bust: Why Bother? - FRB asks why bother reacting to writers like Lambert.

KiPA's Korner

Hitting The Post: Caps cool off Roloson; Pens lose Malkin again - They really should find Malkin. Losing him is a bad idea.

Enemy News


Arizona Republic Sports News - Phoenix Arizona Newspaper Sports - - I think the Yotes are in there somewhere... right?

Five For Howling - One of my favorite blogs in the whole wide world.