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Call to Action: Defending the Blue Line's Skate for the Troops


Everyone around Hockey Wilderness should know by now, but I work with a group called Defending the Blue Line. The organization's mission is to ensure that kids of military families do not have to give up the game they love for monetary reasons. You can read more about the organization on their website, or ask me.

You may recall that in February, DTBL is the Minnesota Wild's charity of the month, and that February 1st was declared "Defending the Blue Line Day" in Minnesota by Gov. Mark Dayton. On February 22nd, the Wild will don camouflage jerseys for warm ups, and then auction them off to benefit DTBL.

As you can see, big things are happening with the organization. Next on the calendar is a very cool event that Hockey Wilderness would like it's readers to participate in, and possibly win. So, why the Call to Action? I am issuing a challenge to the readers of Hockey Wilderness.

Make the jump, read the challenge, possibly win a prize you will tell your grandkids about.

On February 27th, DTBL will be hosting "Skate for the Troops." The event runs from 4PM to 9PM at the Eagan Civic Ice Arena. What is it you ask? This is a chance for you to get out on the ice with some high profile people you may know, and to help raise money for DTBL.

How do you do that? Simple. Print out the forms below, and then get your friends and family to pony up some dough to get you to skate laps. Nothing overly difficult about that, right? Well... except maybe for JS, who for some reason, can't skate.

Now. I mentioned prizes, didn't I? DTBL doesn't do anything half way. Here are the rpizes you can win:

Grand Prize: Lunch for 4 with Brent Burns

Second Prize: Autographed Minnesota Wild Jersey

Third Prize: Autographed hockey stick

Fourth Prize: 4 lower level tickets to a Wild game

Fifth Prize: Tear-away DTBL hoodie

If you will notice, I placed a bit of emphasis on the lunch with Brent Burns. Four people can team up to win this prize. That is the prize I want you, as a group, to try to win. How are you going to win? Patience, my friends, keep reading.

First, we need everyone out in the Wilderness to print out the forms and get involved. Raise some money for DTBL. When we reach the end, the top four money raisers from HW will be partnered together as Team Hockey Wilderness, and submitted for the prize. 

If for some reason, the HW team does not win the grand prize (something that would disappoint me greatly), you would all then be individuals again for the other prizes. 

I understand that many members of the Wilderness do not live in the immediate Twin Cities area. I offer you this. If you cannot skate in the event, raise the money, and I will skate for you. Unlike JS, I know how. I will skate for Team Hockey Wilderness. If you are one of the top money raisers, you will get the prize, not me. I don't qualify to win, but I would be more than happy to skate so you can win.

I would like a roll call of any one willing and able to participate in this. Sound off in the comment section, or email me below. You blew us away with the participation in Movember. Blow us away again.

Your necessary documents:

Skate for the Troops Flier

Skate for the Troops Pledge Log

Skate for the Troops Pledge Form

I hereby issue the following challenge to the readers of Hockey Wilderness:

I challenge you to participate in the fundraising efforts of one of the greatest organizations on the planet, and support the roots of a game we all love dearly. I challenge you to not only participate, but as a team, to WIN the grand prize. 

Will you answer the Call to Action?