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Wilderness Walk for 2-8-2011

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Long layoffs from hockey should be illegal. I mean, come on... I'm suck reading some random post about the X? Things are getting sketchy here. Sure, the guys deserve some time off, but if they're actually going to do so, we need one of those dancing monkeys to entertain us while they are off.

Someone make that happen.

Since we have so little going on, maybe you could all help out with the Defending the Blue Line Skate for the Troops event. Check it out, get back to me. When you are done making your commitment to help the troops, check out the Question of the Day

Enjoy your day all.

Wild News

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Aeros Hockey: The Redemption of Patrick O'Sullivan - Houston News - Hair Balls - John Royal with great perspective on POS. Will be interesting to see if he ever gets a shot again.

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Hitting The Post: Calgary returns, as does "Lost 10" - The Flames are, ahem, on fire.

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First Round Bust: Counterpoint: Because the Wild Aren't Terrible At Almost Everything To Do With Hockey - GopherState takes a whack at the Lambert piece. Love the style of this one. Congrats on the .com address and new layout, as well. 


 Concussions are scary, and more needs to be done to limit them - - Justin Bourne with another great piece.