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Wilderness Walk for 3-2-2011: Game Day Edition

Not much Wild news, but the articles there are seems to be pretty good. Quality, people, not quantity. The most news seems to be coming out of Houston, and we have that for you as well. POS named player of the month? Imagine that, against weaker competition. Doesn't take nearly as much effort to be a stud in the AHL as it does in the NHL, I guess.

The Walk is a good one today, folks. Dig in and enjoy. Then head to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and get your daily update on Defending the Blue Line's Camo jersey auction. There will be a quiz on what prices they are at during the game.

Wild News

Nystrom returns to his roots on Long Island | - Great piece from Russo today. Make sure you check out the actual newspaper version as well. Great pictures.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard wins Goal of the Week (February 21-27) | ProHockeyTalk - Domination, they name is Butch.

Will standing pat work for the Wild? - - Interesting piece from the JV newspaper.

Enemy News

I would include a major media outlet, but the Isles seem to enjoy kicking media members out of their building, so screw them.

Lighthouse Hockey - Good people, good fun, good times. Should be interesting to see how David splits his loyalties tonight. Ha!

System News | The American Hockey League | At crossroads, Earl steps it up - Heather hits the big time, writes about Team Rob for the AHL. Great piece.

The "Dobby" Deal… | Pilot to Gunner - Some thoughts on the trade heard 'round the... who are we kidding?

The Third Intermission: Dear Aeros Fans: Why So Serious? - Learning from the big squad's fans? Breathe...


The Aeros Get Healthy, Prep for the End - Houston News - Hair Balls - Healthy. Man, that would be nice.

The Third Intermission: Meet Your Aeros: Jeff Penner and Mikko Lehtonen - T3I invites Sarah Conners to intro the new guys. We do the same about noon.

Monica's Meanderings


From Abdelkder to Zuccarello – 2 March 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL Recap.