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Dear Colin Campbell: Your Reward for Incompetence

Never thought I could have less respect for a man than I do for Matt Cooke and Todd Bertuzzi. I was wrong.
Never thought I could have less respect for a man than I do for Matt Cooke and Todd Bertuzzi. I was wrong.

Back on February 11th, the Penguins and Islanders engaged themselves in a battle of the ages. In the melee, the Islanders showed just what type of world class organization they are, or at very least the players showed what world class athletes they are.

The debate that followed was legendary, with 28 fan bases feeling the Islanders went too far. The two not feeling they did? The Islanders and the Red Wings (whose fans seem to think anything bad that happens to the Penguins is just fine). The actions on the ice were disgusting. The actions by one player, Trevor Gillies, were down right disturbing after he left the ice.

For the league, it was a clear black eye, and one everyone felt even Colin Campbell couldn't screw up. He did. The largest suspension given was to Eric Goddard, an automatic 10 game suspension for leaving the bench. Gillies got what amounts to about an 18 minute penalty with a nine game suspension.

As our friends at the SBNation NHL hub note, Gillies learned nothing.

Make the jump for video and start the debate.

In tonight's game, Gillies went after Cal Clutterbuck with yet another dirty hit:

The hit is clearly suspendable, which of course means Gillies won't be. The question should be for how long, and yet every NHL fan knows, the real question is: Will Colin Campbell pull his head from his nether regions and actually do something, or is it just "playing with passion?"

Apparently Trevor Gillies feels he is above the law. The league absolutely, 100% has nothing to stand on to avoid levying a lengthy suspension on this. If Gillies was an angel, this is two games, three tops. He's not, he is a repeat offender, and this was his first game back from suspension for being a complete jackass Neanderthal.

Clutterbuck returned to the game, but reports have him not feeling well afterwards. Any injury to Clutterbuck is as much on the shoulders of Colin Campbell as it is Trevor Gillies.

Thanks, Coli. Another job well done.