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Minnesota Wild vs New York Rangers: Game Recap

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Why is Schultz taking a face off? Why is the face off by the goal line? I'm confused.
Why is Schultz taking a face off? Why is the face off by the goal line? I'm confused.

Minnesota Wild 3 -1 New York Rangers

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It is official. The Wild have moved the second period nap to a first period nap. Just two shots on goal in the entire period, and none for the first 17:45, the Wild started this game completely lost. Dazed and Confused. Charlie Sheen. Completely and totally out matched.

The Rangers took a 1-0 lead into the locker room, and Wild fans took a one goal deficit and ran for cover. Surely this was a night to be forgotten. After a beat down on Long Island, the Wild were going to run into the Rangers and the wheels would officially be off.

Then the second period started. It was immediately clear someone had something to say in the locker room because a totally different team came out. A team that saw themselves battling in the corners, forechecking hard, backchecking hard, and... wait for it... scoring goals. 

The defense tightened up, and that helped to open up the offense a bit. Kyle Brodziak postponed the new nickname unveiling for the Wild power play, scoring to tie the game after an Eric Christensen high sticking penalty. That goal gave the Wild some serious life, and none other than Casey Wellman would score the game winner later in the second period.

At the end of the second, the Wild heard a familiar sound. The home team being booed off the ice.

More of the same in the third as the Wild continued to bring the battle to the Rangers, rather than sitting back. Jose Theodore continued to keep them in the game with his second 40 save performance in a row. Young Wellman made himself a case to stick around awhile with a huge back check to save a goal late. Brent Burns played solid, harkening back to the Inglewood Jack I remember. 

A few names we did not hear much from? Cal Clutterbuck, after being drilled by Trevor Gillies, Clutterbuck played almost 15 minutes tonight, but was not his usual self. Antti Miettinen did nothing tonight, nor did Matt Cullen register for much.

The Wild get to come home for a few days with the losing streak halted and riding a bit higher in the saddle. Good to see them get back in the win column. It's going to be a fun ride to the finish, folks.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars

1. Jose Theodore (40 saves)
2. Casey Wellman (1G)
3. Kyle Brodziak (1G, 1A)

Five Questions

  1. Beat down and beat up, can the Wild show some fight tonight? Not right away, but yes, yes they did. 
  2. Not much for offense as of late, can the Wild figure out King Henrik? To the tune of three goals.
  3. Who scores for the Rangers with the Great Groin hurt? Sean farking Avery.
  4. Can Jose Theodore pull the Wild out of the spiral? Yes, yes he can.
  5. Is Bryan not allowed to like Sean Avery, or is that unacceptable, too? Let's hear it Rags fans...