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Wilderness Walk for 3-4-2011

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For awhile last night, I thought maybe Wild fans had given up on the team and went into hiding. Then you all came back, though, so I feel better. Good game, right? Craptastic first, but a strong finish and that's all that really matters. If anyone out there can inform me who said they should trade Theodore, please let me know (this will make more sense in a moment.)

Stay tuned to Hockey Wilderness later today as JS introduces a new feature. You'll like this, I promise. There may, or may not, be some fun to be had later as well. Depending on how something plays out. No, no... no hints. They have my confidence. For now. We'll see how it works out. Could be the best birthday present anyone ever gave me.

For now, head over to Facebook for the Question of the Day, and check out the Defending the Blue Line Camo sweater auction. It's good stuff, if only to be able to dream. Enjoy your day, Wilderness.

Wild News

Clutterbuck condemns Gillies' hit | - Clutter always has a good quote.

Wild prevails thanks to Wellman's winning goal, Theodore's goaltending masterpiece | Post game Rants.

Wild revives, makes a needed escape from New York | - Russo's gamer. 

Jose Theodore making a case to become the Wild's No. 1 goalie - Uh... first, no, he is not. Nice try though. Second... what is this line about?

Just a week ago, bloggers and some fans sometimes pointed to Theodore as one player the Wild might move when the NHL trade deadline arrived on Monday.

A month before the deadline, here is what we wrote:

Theo will be a standings issue. The Wild have shown no faith in Borat, despite little justification for that lack of faith. If they feel they can make the playoffs, or possibly make a small run, they aren't going to dump Theodore. I imagine the thinking would be, "What happens if we make the playoffs, and Backs gets hurt?" You are now back to a lack of faith in Anton, and Theodore on the bench.    

Prediction: Not traded    

So, if my English reading comprehension skills are up to snuff today, the sentence in the JV paper reads that ALL bloggers, and SOME fans pointed to Theo. Well... not ALL bloggers did, including this one. Thanks for trying, though. Thanks for thinking of us.


System News

The Third Intermission: A few Friday morning nuggets - Just a bit about the Aeros.

Off the Trail

With a Meeting With NHL Brass Looming, What Should Gillies’ Punishment Be? | The Hockey Writers - Still struggling to find anyone off of LI that is supporting the nut job.