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Trevor Gilles suspended 10 games

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For his blow to the head of Cal Clutterbuck, the NHL has suspended New York Islanders hitman Trevor Gillies 10 games. Needless to say, people have been on both sides of the argument here, depending upon whether you're an Islanders fan or whether you hate the way Cal Clutterbuck plays the game.

I for one, think 10 was only given based upon Gillies' repeat offender status, but at least the NHL didn't NOT punish him because Clutterbuck wasn't injured (that we know of yet) as a result of the hit. So, good for the NHL in finally getting one right.

What do you think?

EDIT: Keep this is mind, from Chris Botta - For his last two games, playing a combined less than 4 minutes, Trevor Gillies has been suspended for 19 games:

From the league:

By targeting his opponent's head, three shifts into his first game back from a suspension for a very similar action, Mr. Gillies has forfeited his privilege of playing in the League for 10 games. While it is fortunate there was no injury on the play, there can be no justification for a player delivering a dangerous check to an opponent in this manner.

Gillies loses just under $61,000 for those ten games.