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Wilderness Walk for 4-12-2011

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This should be one of the shortest Walks in the history of the Walk. Instead, it may very well be the longest. That'll happen when something happens like yesterday. Of course, I am referring to the news of the Fantasy Hockey Scouts Playoff pool. Massive headlines. (By the way, you can sign up for that below.)

Seriously, though, tons of news to read, all with a different take or info you will need going forward. Take some time and get through all of them. The "Off the Trail" section has some really potent stuff today. Good and bad news, but things you will want to know about, nonetheless. Make sure you get through it all. If you get lost, raise your hand. Not because someone will come help you, I just really want you to be sitting where ever you are and have people think you're an idiot.

Facebook Question of the Day is up and running. Check that out. Then dive into the Walk. Some good posts coming for you later today as well. Stay tuned. Hockey Wilderness isn't going away. Enjoy.

Wild News

'Bad fit' ruled out of fashion | - Story of Richards' dismissal for the Strib.

Players take share of blame for firing | - Some of the players talk about it. Most don't.

THE CANDIDATES | - Who might be in the offing? Find out here.

Wild needs major infusion of talent | - Rachel Blount looks at what the Wild might need.

Richards Fired as Coach - Russo's Rants edition

Fletcher Transcript - Word for word of what Fletcher had to say

Richards' Script Ends with a Crash Scene - Exclusive interview with Richards

First Round Bust: "A Fluid Process" - FRB Looks at the dismissal as well.

First Round Bust: Minnesota Ends On A Winning Note - Some positives to end the year.

Hitting The Post: Wild Win, Fire Coach, Start Over Again - And Nick has his take.

Questions with Bob Sansevere: Wild GM Chuck Fletcher made a needed, yet personal, call in firing coach Todd Richards - - If you care, here is some more from the JV paper.

System News

The Third Intermission: Some Game 80 Photos - You like pictures, right?

The Third Intermission: Lots going on today in Aero Land - Not so much up here, so... enjoy.

Monica's Meanderings

From Abdelkader to Zuccarello – 12 April 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL recap and news.

Off the Trail

Sun Sentinel sports editor Fred Turner dies - South Florida - Why should you care? Fred Turner gave Russo his first beat writer job, and was the one who told Russo he should take the job here in Minnesota. Seems like a big deal to me. Still don't believe me? Read the article.

Fantasy Hockey Scouts - Pool Entries - Want a little fantasy hockey taste for the playoffs? Fantasy Hockey Scouts, your SBNation home for fantasy hockey, has a free pool with a $250 prize. Get on it.

Hockey Bloggers For Rent | eBay - Would you like some big name bloggers to write about your team? Now you can, and all proceeds go to charity.