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Wilderness Walk for 4-13-2011

Man the harpoons! Everyone with me: Let's Go Hawks! Let's Go Hawks!
Man the harpoons! Everyone with me: Let's Go Hawks! Let's Go Hawks!

Welcome to the Stanley Cup playoffs everyone. For the thrid straight year your Minnesota Wild will not be taken part in the festivities. However, with the number of hockey fans we have here in Minnesota, HW will not go quietly into the night. We shall stand strong and pretend the Canucks aren't involved either.

It's really the only way to get by.

As you will notice after the jump, the Walk takes on a little different flavor starting today, as we give you the daily playoff schedule first, then any news regarding the Wild / Aeros. Within a week, the amount of Wild news should completely disappear, until draft coverage starts up from your favorite media outlets.

Stick with us, folks. We have some fun planned for the Spring, and hopefully the summer as well.

Head to Facebook for your Question of the Day, and don't forget to get your brackets in for the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge. I extended the deadline until Friday at noon. No excuses, now.

Enjoy the playoffs.

Playoff Schedule:


#3 Detroit Red Wings vs #6 Phoenix Coyotes - Versus, 6PM
#Vavcouver Canucks vs #8 Chicago Blackhawks - Versus 9PM
#4 Anaheim Ducks vs #5 Nashville Predators - 9:30PM


#4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs #5 Tampa Bay Lightning - 6PM
#1 Washington Capitals vs #8 New York Rangers - Versus 6:30 (Regionally)

Wild News

Burns playing in worlds with Wild future up in air | - Good on ya, Burnsie. Just keep playing, let the agent worry about the money.

Wild signs Sioux's Chay Genoway | - Uh... yea?

System News

Are the Aeros Houston's team? Why not ? | Sports Update | - Houston Chronicle - The Aeros getting mainstream coverage? Must be the playoffs.

The Third Intermission: My Fearless Prediction: Aeros in Six - I'll take the Aeros in five.

Off the Trail

Canucks get what they wanted -- a shot at Blackhawks | - Looks like they have Russo covering the soccer beat this summer. Who knew?