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Wilderness Walk for 4-14-2011

Everyone enjoying the playoffs? Sigh. It'll happen everyone. Give it a few days, and you'll be able to enjoy watching playoff hockey. The wound may be a little fresh right now. Alas, the hockey world goes on as though it doesn't even matter. Most likely because it doesn't.

In better news, the Aeros won the first game of their series. So, take some solace in that. T3I and Heather Galindo have the coverage after the jump, so be sure to check that out. Coach Yeo on his try out for the Wild job?

Finally, from our entertainment director, don't forget to get your brackets in for both the Stanley Cup playoffs: Playoff Bracket Challenge 2011 & for the Yelnats Cup: Yelnats Cup Brackt Challenge. Both are due by Friday. Send Stanley Cup brackets to me, Yelnats to JS. Oh, and check out the Facebook Question of the day.

Enjoy some playoff hockey tonight, folks. It will make you feel better.

Tonight's NHL Schedule


#6 Montreal Canadiens vs #3 Boston Bruins - Versus 6PM
Habs Eyes on the Prize
Stanley Cup of Chowder

#2 Philadelphia Flyers vs #7 Buffalo Sabres - Versus (regionally) 6:30PM
Broad Street Hockey
Die by the Blade


#2 San Jose Sharks vs #7 Los Angeles Kings - Versus 9PM
Fear the Fin
Jewels From the Crown
Battle of California

System News The Best Place for Minor Hockey News - Heather Galindo gives us the professional take on the game.

The Third Intermission: Aeros 4-1 Over Peoria (WIth Some Photos) - T3I with their take and some pics.

The Third Intermission: View from the Press Box - Aeros take 1-0 lead against Peoria - Instant reaction to the game.

The Third Intermission: Aeros vs. Rivermen - Head to Head - T3I breaks down the matchup.