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Wilderness Walk for 4-15-2011

Before we get too far into the Walk, a programming note. Nathan and I have started the process to get our off-season coverage started. Soon you will start to see the product of those efforts, or, at least we hope you will. We hope you enjoy as we move from analysis of the past season to looking forward to the future.

Looking back at today, we move into game two for the playoff teams. Game two is generally when teams start to show their true colors, as the playoff jitter go away and the teams settle in for the long haul. Teams with a one game lead look to make the statement they are for real, teams down by one that they will not go quietly. While the game are best of seven, game two is critical for momentum. It will show, trust me.

Today is the last day to enter both the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge (Playoff Bracket Challenge 2011) and the Yelnats Cup Bracket Challenge (Yelnats Cup Brackt Challenge ). Also, if you are a Minnesota Swarm fan, or want to check them out, SBNation Minnesota has a giveaway that also ends at noon.

Enjoy the day, folks. Cold, rain, and then some... snow... here in Minnesota.

NHL Playoff Schedule:


Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bay Lightning 6PM
Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers 6:30PM on Versus


Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Blackhawks 9PM on Versus
Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators 9:30 PM

Wild News

Leipold: 'We're all hurting right now' | - Russo sits down with the big boss and gets some great quotes. Note: try to take the guy at face value, will ya? Don't read too much between the lines.

Wild owner Craig Leipold speaks: The Extras | - Some of the quotes that didn't make the paper.

System News

The Third Intermission: Today Could Be The Most Important Day Of The Series - Ah, the Aeros. The last of our hope.

Monica's Meanderings

From Abdelkader to Zuccarello – 15 April 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL Recap