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Minnesota Wild Season Grades

Coming up in about half an hour, Hockey Wilderness will begin our annual tradition of issuing grades for the past season. In doing so, we will grade individual players, then their collective group, the front office, and finally, the team as a whole. 

Grading will be done on a standard 4.0 scale, with pluses and minuses available and encouraged. Should a player deserve it, the dreaded F- is also in play. Multiple pluses or minsues are allowed, but will not effect the final GPA for each post. 

In order to qualify for a grade, a player must have played a minimum of ten games with the Wild over the course of the season. So, while we would like to write about Nate Prosser, Drew Bagnall, and Anton Khudobin, the sample size for those players is just too small to get a good read. 

Hold on tight, as we are going to get through this rather quickly so we can move on to the next off-season fun. As always, if you agree, disagree, have your own grade or just think you know better than we do, let us know in the comments. 

We hope you enjoy the posts.