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Wilderness Walk for 4-19-2011

Bring it on Raffi. (photo via MTV3)
Bring it on Raffi. (photo via MTV3)

Yes, folks, that it is none other than Kaptain Koivu in full military regalia. Of course, in the Finnish Army, he is far from a Captain, but hey... what ever it takes, right? Hockey Wilderness' Monica McAlister let us know about this news this morning, and there are stories about it, every single one of them in Finnish.

According to Monica, all Finnish males must serve 6 months of military service, and Mikko is doing three months this summer, three months next. Good on ya, Mikko. You can find more pictures here.

Besides Koivu off serving his country, there is some other Wild news, so you may want to make the jump. Or don't. Your loss.


Aeros take 3-0 series lead over Peoria; HIFK wins championship, Granlund ties for scoring lead | - Russo with all your breaking prospect news. Aeros kicking ass and taking names, Granlund following suit. T'was a good day for the system.

The Third Intermission: Aeros Win 5-3, Go Up 3-0 On Peoria - T3I gives us their update.

From Abdelakder to Zuccarello – 19 April 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL recap, with the Koivu story as well.

Breaking this AM: NHL signs 10 year TV deal with NBC / Versus for $200 million per year. - Really disappointed to hear the World Wide Leader in Knowing Nothing about Hockey was shutout on this one. Really just too bad. Expect the cap to up accordingly.

Playoff Games Tonight

Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Blackhawks 7:00PM Versus
San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings 9:30PM Versus