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Wilderness Walk for 4-2-2011: Game Day Edition

Here it is. Thirty-seven degree at 9:45 am, on its way to 50+, nothing but sun, and I have chosen to spend my entire day at the X. Wild game at 1PM, Swarm game at 6PM. Likely won't get out of there until close to 11 if not after. Should be a good time. Who needs the sun?

You should come down too. Good times to be had. Wild can clinch... well... nothing, but the Swarm can clinch a playoff spot, and are playing the Western Division champs. Swarm games are a good time. Just sayin.

Yes, I just spent a good portion of the Walk talking about the Swarm. Mostly because I don't want to be the only one there all day. Come down. Enjoy yourselves.

Oh, hey... we should do a Facebook Question of the Day as well. If Facebook doesn't eat it again today. Good luck!

Current Wild Position

11th place, 82 points, 10 points behind eighth place Chicago Blackhawks
One points up on Columbus Blue Jackets for 12th

Tragic Number

1 - Any loss of any single point in any game the rest of the year, or Chicago getting a single point, and it is official.

A huge thank you to Brian at Canes Country for tracking magic & tragic numbers for the SBNation hockey group. Amazing amount of work. Thank you!

Current Draft Position

11th overall. 10 points from a top five pick. Tied with Toronto

Games Remaining

5, for a total of 10 points available

Wild News

Roli the (really old) Goalie making most of second chance | - Good to see Roli still around.

Pierre-Marc Bouchard finally all the way back for Minnesota Wild - - Yeah. Now... shoot the puck, will ya?

First Round Bust: Generator - Good piece from our friends at FRB.

System News

Aeros lose 5-2 - The Third Intermission - Likely difficult to play with half you team wearing Wild sweaters.

The Third Intermission: Thoughts from Last Night and Daoust Audio - This is from yesterday, but game after the Walk. Enjoy.

Enemy News

Raw Charge - SBNation home for every Kayem Foods hot dogs.

Monica's Meaderings

From Abdelkader to Zuccarello – 2 April 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL recap

Off the Trail

The next Granlund - Good pice on the little brother of Mikael. (Hat tip to Russo)

Ranger Rants - A good look at why the Rangers chapter of the PHWA voted to not vote on NHL awards.

NY Islanders Statement on Rangers PHWA - There was a visitor here awhile back that accused me of treating the Isles like a lesser franchise. After reading their statements regarding Trevor Gilles, and now this... I have to say... they aren't doing much to prove me wrong.