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Minnesota Wild Season Grades: Patrick O'Sullivan

Yes, Sully, that's a goalie. You may want to move around a bit.
Yes, Sully, that's a goalie. You may want to move around a bit.

Ah, Sully. Good ol' POS. Drafted by the Wild, traded for Pavol Demitra, placed on waivers by half the NHL, and returns home to the nest. Potting a goal in his first game back, the expectations were raised, and the X was in love. Then reality hit. Patrick O`Sullivan was still... Patrick O`Sullivan. The lazy defensive zone play crept back in, the floating through the neutral zone returned, and the seeming indifference overwhelmed.

Once again, Sully was placed on waivers, only this time, no one bit and he was sent to Houston. Once there, POS has become a folk hero. The prodigal son returned, and is tearing up the AHL, yet again. Over at Twinkie Town, they have what they call AAAA players. Too good for AAA, not quite ready for MLB.

With POS, we have created a new term. The NAH player. Not quite good enough for the NHL, too good for the AHL. Anyone want him? NAH.

With all that, what type of grade did Mr. O`Sullivan earn from the HW staff? After the jump, of course.


JS- GRADE: C- Well, to be fair, maybe we put a bit too much hope on his shoulders. His (final?) attempt at being the player he was in Los Angeles was yet another disappointment, after he had started so well, but his acquisition was a low risk one, and it didn't do much damage on the team's wallet and he turned out to be a HUGE part of the Aeros' recent success, so much so that they've become one of the favorites for the Calder Cup, so he wasn't a total loss. As for his performance with the Wild, 1 goal and 6 assists in 21 games... and that goal was a flukey one if I remember correctly... of course, he was rarely put in situations in which he could succeed. He's a top-6 type player, but wasn't given bottom-6 situations and linemates, so we couldn't really expect any miracles now, could we? Anyhoo, looks like you're doomed to be an AHLer forever POS.

Elise- GRADE: C- I feel weird trying to give O'Sullivan a grade since he wasn't around for very long. He didn't necessarily play terribly, but he was more of an experiment that didn't work out as well as hoped. It sounds like he's doing better in Houston though and hopefully he can build his confidence back up and return to the player he has showed glimpses of.

Dan- GRADE: C- Failed experiment. Wild fans were hoping we would be to able to salvage something from the Demitra trade.  And when we finally got him back, expectations were high, only to be disappointed. But like Wellman, he is doing very well in Houston so his chances making an impact with the Wild aren't far-fetched.

Bryan- GRADE: D When Sully was claimed off of waivers, the Wild fan base was a bit confused. He then scored in his first game, making people excited that a diamond may have been found in the ultra rough. Then, the real POS showed through, and he was waived. No one claimed him, and he became a star for the Aeros. We may have seen this season that he peaked in the AHL. Good on him, but he isn't an NHLer.

Nathan- GRADE: D-. Patrick O'Sullivan is a fantastic AHL player, but simply doesn't have either the work ethic or drive to be an NHL regular. He got his shot again with the Wild, and again blew his opportunity. He's treading very close to James Sheppard territory. He shows the skill that makes him an AHL all-star, then disappears for 40 minutes, makes a lazy play and that's all anyone remembers. Perhaps some day he'll look back and think "ahh, what might have been", here's hoping he has time and drive to turn it around.

Cumulative GPA: 1.225 D

Final Thoughts

I am more than happy for Sully to be down helping out the Aeros. I know for a fact that the fans in Houston enjoy him being down there. It is tough for me to rip him, knowing that he is so helpful down there, but the perspective up here is different. This is not a grade based on his ability to help the Aeros. Hell, I wish he would stay there and help them win for ten years. However, his performance while in the NHL was lackluster. Do Wild fans want Sully around? NAH.