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Minnesota Wild Season Grades: Warren Peters

Hey look! There he is! EVERYONE LOOK! Yeah, that's Cam Fowler.
Hey look! There he is! EVERYONE LOOK! Yeah, that's Cam Fowler.

It is difficult to grade a small sample size. We discussed the trials of doing so in the Casey Wellman post. However, Warren Peters is not Casey Wellman. Peters has been around the block a couple dozen times. He is an AHL veteran signed to bring stability and leadership to the Houston Aeros. Judging by their success lately, it is working. 

What he is not, however, is a prospect. Thus, when grading his performance, the future is not a consideration. Improvement, unless sudden and immediate, is unlikely. He is what he is, and the HW staff can issue grades based on what he is.

Even with a small sample size, we venture a guess. Except for one of us, who never saw the guy. Make the jump to figure out his grade.


JS- GRADE: C- Meh. Can't say I noticed him all that much in his brief time with the Wild. He wasn't particularly bad, but didn't do much either. He was still a nice choice to plug up the gap in the lineup, as he's pretty much what you expect out of a 4th line call-up. I don't imagine him ever getting a permanent spot in the lineup, unless we don't sign a scrapper once Staubitz leaves.

Elise- GRADE: N/A Only played 11 games and I didn't really get to watch him play, so I'm going to excuse myself from this one. I don't think it would be fair to just give him a grade without seeing him play.

Dan- GRADE: B+ Not much to say. 11 games, solid depth player, great at the faceoffs. However, he isn't one of your upcoming prospects, he's 28 so his future with the Wild is unclear.

Bryan- GRADE: D Another small sample size, but it was enough for me. I was certainly not overwhelmed by him, and I saw no reason for him to be the first call from Houston. Again, this guy gets big credit as one of the leaders in Houston, but in the NHL, he just doesn't seem to have it. As an injury call up, he seemed to be OK. Not average, just... meh. 

Nathan- GRADE: D+. Career AHLer. Move on.

Cumulative GPA: 1.825 C-

Final Thought

Warren Peters was called up during a rash of injuries, with few expectations. Unfortunately, he met even fewer of them. He was outmatched, out worked, and completely out of sorts. The only thing saving him from an F is the lack of an extended chance to figure out his game and the fact that everyone was fairly content with the failure of the season by the time he got here.

Not to be too harsh on the guy, but he is welcome to stay in Houston.