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Mikko Koivu fights three Russians in Finland v. Russia game from Czech Games

In yesterday's Finland v. Russia game from the World Championships, there was a bit of a scuffle in which Mikko Koivu participated, and frankly, looked a bit overmatched in battling Maxim Afinogenov, Evgeny Artyukhin and others. Yeah, it was a ridiculous three and four on one battle where Mikko found himself on the wrong end, but held his own as well as can be expected. Oh, and Mikko, Tuomo Ruutu and other Finns took off their lids while the dirty, cheating, stinking Russians wore their helmets and half-shields.

Don Cherry should hold Mikko & company as examples of a fine upstanding gentleman.

Yep. The Finns play a great North American game and are shining models for the hockey community.

Oh, and the entire thing was started by a nasty blow to the head perpetrated by Tuomo Ruutu. It's the kind of play you'd expect from Jarkko Ruutu, not Tuomo. Guess the international game still has some work to remove head-shots.

EHT 2010/11: Fights Evgeny Artyukhin vs Finland (via videoKHL)

EDIT: @jbk_ltd (LTD from Canes Country) let me know on Twitter that it wasn't Jarkko, but Tuomo who laid the nasty hit. Thanks Jamie!

EDIT 2:16PM (BReynolds) As is the case with some of this IIHF hockey, the American audience does not always have all the details. I checked in with PuckWorlds' Bruce Peter for the details:

It was part of the Czech Hockey Games, the fourth installment in a series of friendlies held throughout the season between the top 4 European nations:  Russia, Sweden, Finland and the Czechs.  Each team plays each other once in four separate tournaments.  This one is essentially the final tune-up for the World Championships, the other three feature all European league players.  

It's technically just international friendlies, but they count them towards something.  It's called the Euro Hockey Tour.  Russia won the tour, Czechs won this tourney.  


So, not technically part of the WC, but in the same buildings, and serving as a tune up. Enjoy the fight, anyway, OK? OK.