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Hockey Wilderness Playoff Predictions: Round Two

Before the playoffs started, we felt it necessary to put ourselves on the line and on the record. That way, when, I mean if we were wrong, you could all mock us for it. With the first round over, we can look back and see who was right, who was wrong, and make our educated guesses for the second round. 

For the record, anyone on the HW staff picking the Canucks in the first round has been put on report, and said choice will be brought up repeatedly next season. You are so warned.

Make the jump for a re-cap of round one, and our predictions in round two.

Editor's note: Nathan's picks were late in arriving, and I forgot to include them in the first round re-cap. They have been added, as of 3:37 PM.

First Round Recap


Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Blackhawks

Who got it right? Elise, JS, Nathan and Dan (Nathan nailed the number of games)
Who got it wrong?  Bryan (Yet, I hold the moral ground, so I still win)

San Jose Sharks vs Los Angeles Kings

Who got it right? Elise, JS, Dan, Bryan. Dan and JS also nailed the number of games.
Who got it wrong? Nathan had Kings in 6. 

Detroit Red Wings vs Phoenix Coyotes

Who got it right? Elise and JS. Both guessed 6 games.
Who got it wrong? Dan, Nathan and Bryan.

Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators

Who got it right? Almost Everyone. No one guessed the right number of games.
Who got it wrong? Nathan had Ducks in 6.


Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers

Who got it right? Everyone but JS. The Rangers? Really? Dan and Nathan guessed the correct number of games, as well. 
Who got it wrong? JS. He may be the only one outside of New York to get this wrong.

Philadelphia Flyers vs Buffalo Sabres

Who got it right? Everyone. No one guessed the games correctly.

Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens

Who got it right? Everyone but me. Though I did say it would be a great series, and it was. Dan and Elsie nailed the games, too.
Who got it wrong? Bryan and Nathan.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Who got it right? Everyone but me. Again. JS and Nathan guessed the right number of games, too.
Who got it wrong? Little ol' me.

Lesson learned? Never let me pick the first round. Ever. 

Second Round Predictions


Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators

Elise - Canucks in 6 (vom.) I would really, really like to see the Preds take this series here, but I think getting through the first round against the scare from the Hawks is going to drive the Canucks to finish things off and they just have too much talent.

JS- Nucks in 6. Rinne will do his best, maybe even out-duel Luongo, but I think the Sedins explode in this one. Should be quite interesting.

Dan - Preds in 7. There are always surprises and I have always been a big supporter of the Predators. They easily have one of the best defensive duos in the league (Weber, Suter), one of the best goaltenders this season (Rinne) and one of the best coaches in the league (Trotz). While the Canucks are extremely talented and extremely deep, I just have faith for the Predators and always believe that defense and goaltending wins in playoff games. 

Bryan - Preds in 6. I'm not picking the Canucks. It is not going to happen, and I will go down with the ship. I don't care if I'm wrong. I will not cede the high ground.

Nathan - Canucks in 5. They have to put it together at some point, right?

Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks

Elise- Sharks in 7. Wings had a pretty easy time in the first round but I'd like to see them brought down a notch. If the Sharks can stick together, they have the ability to beat the Wings.

JS- Wings in 7: Lots of star-power in play, but I'm just not a believer in Niemi. Never have been. Wings will take this one, but barely.

Dan- Wings in 6. Originally had the Phoenix Coyotes surprising the Red Wings but that didn't happen. I had doubts about Howard but he proved me wrong and now I am very scared of the Wings. Not only do they have a few of the most dangerous forwards in the league, they also have one of the most fluid defensive core in the league as well.  San Jose has good pieces but their goaltending just won't be able to handle Datysuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, Lidstrom etc etc.

Bryan- Sharks in 7. If the Western Conference Final is the Canucks and the Red Wings... that may be enough to cause me not to watch. Just sayin.

Nathan - Red Wings in 6. Life hates me.


Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Elise - Bolts in 7. I'm not sure which team can sustain their pace, but I like the character on the Bolts. Don't you want to see Dwayne Roloson surprisingly backstop a team into the far rounds?

JS- Caps in 6: Roloson can only do so much, and if Stamkos doesn't get going, Bolts have no hope. Meanwhile, the Caps are on a mission, they won't lose this one.

Dan- Caps in 6. I love Roloson, but can he really still handle the firepower that is Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, Green etc.? I just don't think the defense and goaltending of the Lightning can make that of the Capitals. 

Bryan - Bolts in 6. I think the star power on Washington is matched and exceeded by the star power in Tampa. Roloson is lights out right now, and the Bolts are riding high. I think we see a Caps collapse.

Nathan - Lightning in 7. Dwayne Roloson is playing like the guy who led Edmonton to the Stanley Cup finals, which I contend they would have won had Roloson's knee not snapped. Oh, and the Stamkos j-shirt is undefeated. 

Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins

Elise- Flyers in 6. I was surprised the Flyers had that much trouble with the Sabres but if the last two games were any indication they can put it away when it matters and they have some key game changers.

JS- Bullies in 5. Boston showed they were quite a weak playoff team this year, barely made it past the undeserving Habs. Philly will overwhelm them.

Dan- Bruins in 7. Originally had Flyers winning in 7 but I don't want to be the only one cheering AGAINST the Bruins amongst my friends. Changing the last game over to the Bruins, and them proceeding to the Conference Finals.

Bryan- Flyers in 6.  I want to cheer for the Bruins, which I will, but the Flyers have them in every department except goaltending. Unless Tim Thomas can win this series himself, the Flyers are too much.

Nathan - Flyers in 6. Boston can't hang with the size and speed of Philly for 7 games.