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Wilderness Walk for 4-2-2011

A very quick Walk today, as I put about 18 hours total in for you ingrates fine upstanding Wilderness readers yesterday, I have to work another eight hours to actually pay the bills today, and not a one of you will feel sorry for me since Russo is the one who had to go to Detroit. 

See what I did there? With the jokes?

Anyway. It really is a quick Walk because I do have to work, and you still deserve a Walk. So, enjoy. No Question of the Day, unless one of the other fine admins of the Facebook site choose to put one up. If they do, you can find the Facebook page HERE. If not, well, I guess you can take it up with them. I'm going to work. Enjoy your day.

Carson McMillan post about 10AM, saved and ready to go. Game thread about 2PM. I'll be home in time for the game, not that any of you will likely be around.

Current Wild Position


Tragic Number

-1 - It's over. Officially. 

A huge thank you to Brian at Canes Country for tracking magic & tragic numbers for the SBNation hockey group. Amazing amount of work. Thank you!

Current Draft Position

10th overall. One point ahead of Columbus for the 9th pick. 

Games Remaining

4, for a total of 8 points available

Wild News

With playoff hopes kaput, auditions start | - Kaput. Great word.

McMillan, Gillies latest "kids" to be called up for injury-plagued Wild; Madden, Havlat hurt | - Post game Rants that Russo wrote while mocking me for not moving into my proper seat for the Swarm game. 

Never Terrible Enough - Good piece from Russo on why the Wild are bad, but not that bad.

Wellman aims for a Steady Spot - We're ready up here, Casey. Make it happen.

It's official: Minnesota Wild mathematically eliminated from NHL playoffs - - Officially.

Post-concussion syndrome will keep Wild defenseman Nick Schultz off ice rest of the season - - Le sigh.

Glen Sonmor has combined hockey and humanity - - Pretty good piece from the JV paper. 

System News

The Third Intermission: Aeros trounce Wolves 6-1 - Hey! The Aeros won!