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Minnesota Aeros vs Detroit Red Wings: Game Recap

Minnesota Aeros 2 - 4 Detroit Red Wings

For Detroit perspective, please visit: Winging It In Motown.

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Despite the Detroit Red Wings clearly not giving 100% from the very beginning, the Wild still were no match for them. No one amongst the Wild faithful should have had any inclination something different would happen, and it was truly classy of the Wings to not pour it on. 

From the onset of this one, the Wild were outmatched, and the Wings scored early just to prove it. Then they sat back for awhile, let the Wild have some fun, the refs blew a half dozen calls or so, and then the Wings scored again to end the first, just to show they were still awake.

The second period did not improve much, with the Wild putting shots on the net, but nothing Jimmy Hopward couldn't handle, and nothing that panicked the Wings too much. The Wild did also manage to score the most depressing goal in team history, as a Justin Falk shot was deflected in off of Brad Staubitz's skate in a mass of people that left no one having any clue what happened.

Falk was originally credited with his first NHL goal, but it was later changed. By later, I mean about a half hour later when the off ice officials finally figured it out. 

The Wings, annoyed by this pesky attempt at prideful play, decided to score around a flailing Brent Burns on the power play on a goal that, again, looked far too easy. While three to one may not be an intimidating lead in the NHL (most difficult lead to protect is a two goal lead, right?), the Wild being down by two to the Wings may as well have been 17-1.

The lone bright spot of the night came with Carson McMillan scoring his first ever NHL goal. Congrats to him, very cool. The Wild, however would fall, and no one would likely care.

Hockey Wilderness Three Stars:

1. Henrik Zetterberg (2A)
2. Brad Staubitz (1G, 1A)
3. Brian Raflaski (2A)

Five Questions:

  1. Carson McMillan makes his debut. How does the kid look? Had his first NHL goal. Not bad.
  2. Will the two veterans left on the blue line, you know, play like it? Not exactly, no.
  3. How does Colton Gillies look in his first trip up this year? Unnoticeable. 
  4. Can the Wild Aeros hold Datsyuk to less than four points? Surprisingly, yes.
  5. How embarrassing is it? There has to be pride for embarrassment.