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Most Detested Player in Wild History?

Is this the most hated man in Wild history?
Is this the most hated man in Wild history?

A few of the media moguls here in the Twin Cities were involved in a brief conversation about who Minnesota Wild fans hate the most. Brandon Mileski (@MilieskiKFAN) suggested that the most reviled player in history is Todd Bertuzzi. A great choice by any measure.

After that, Wild PR guru Ryan Stanzel (@rstanzel) mentioned that second place has to be Mathias Ohlund, oh he of the Koivu leg breaking adventure. Of course, Russo (@RussoStrib) jumped in with Martin Skoula, a clear favorite for the award for the truly bitter. Love that pick, Russo, absolutely love it. Mike Greenlay (@pulledgoalie) added Matt Cooke and Brad May to the discussion. I submit Trevor Gillies, as the most recent example.

Finally, Wild radio's Kevin Falness (@PONDcast) mentioned that the hatred for Ohlund may be waning a bit, that since he left the Canucks, people don't remember him.

In reading the discussion, I was intrigued to see who Wild fans actually hate the most. Is it Ohlund for breaking Koivu's leg? Is it Todd Bertuzzi for... well, for being Todd Bertuzzi? Is it the bitterly funny Skoula? Someone else?

Turns out, Hockey Wilderness is aimed directly at Wild fans, so let's decide it. Vote below, and make your case in the comments. If we missed someone, let us know. If you can't remember why you should hate these guys, make the jump.

Mathias Ohlund

(formerly of the Vancouver Canucks) - No words are necessary:

Koivu's leg was, of course, broken, and he missed a couple months. Ohlund? Suspended two games.

Todd Bertuzzi

(formerly of the Vancouver Canucks) - Bertuzzi never did anything despicable on the ice to the Wild. The real hatred came when he told Wild fans waiting in line to buy tickets to game six of the series in 2003 that they were "wasting their time." He meant that the series was 3-1 going back to Vancouver, and there was no way the Wild would be back in town for game six.

We know how that went for him, right?

Later, Bertuzzi would go on to commit attempted murder on the ice vs the Colorado Avalanche. He is cemented in my mind as an easily despised man, to be certain.

Rick Rypien

(Currently with the Vancouver Canucks- anyone notice a pattern?):

Martin Skoula

(former Minnesota Wild):

Enough said.

Trevor Gillies

(New York Islanders):

Brad May

(formerly of the Anaheim Ducks):