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Second Annual Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge

This will be you when you pick the Oilers to win the Cup.
This will be you when you pick the Oilers to win the Cup.

Yeah, the Wild are out the playoffs. So what about it? We move forward without them. While they go off to their offseason training programs, we have history to make. See what I did there?

For the second year, Hockey Wilderness will be hosting a Playoff Bracket Challenge. Last year, the big Canadian, syrup covered Moose, JS won it all. This is clearly an unacceptable occurrence and cannot be allowed to happen again. If he wins it again, I shall be monumentally disappointed in all of you.

As we did last year, we give you the bracket early. This year, to (hopefully) prevent premature e-bracketulation, I have not filled in the teams in their respective seedings. Please wait until the seeds are set to send in your bracket. Otherwise, you have mythical match-ups and can never win. If that happens, you only improve JS' chances, and no one wants that.

Your brackets can be found HERE: Playoff Bracket Challenge 2011 The file is created in Excel, just like last year. Don't have Excel? Use Google Docs. Don't know how to use Google Docs? Raise your hand, and Nathan will be around to slap you in the back of the head help you. 


1. Fill out your bracket as you would any other.

2. Inside each bracket, you will notice the word "games." Fill in how many games you believe each series will run. This will be the tie breaker should it be needed.

3. Make sure you list your Hockey Wilderness username so we can properly crown the champion.

4. Brackets will be due by April 13th, at noon, Central Time. This is three days into the playoffs. This should be plenty of time for everyone to set their brackets. No brackets will be accepted after the deadline.

5. Submissions are to be made to my email address, which can be accessed by clicking on the little envelope next to my name at the bottom of the page. Please use a subject line of "Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge" or something similar. If I do not get your bracket, it will be considered the fault of leprechauns and apologies will not be made.

Rule violations will result in the rule breaker having to cuddle with Matt Cooke for eternity, and subject to unending ridicule for cheating in a contest with no actual prize.

A couple disclaimers. First, there is no cost, none whatsoever to join this contest. As a result of that, there is absolutely no prize, except that you win. If that isn't enough, tell your spouse, kids, mom, or boss to go buy you something shiny. Tell them I said you deserve it.