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Wilderness Walk for 4-6-2011

Hey all, welcome back. Depressing start to the day without a Walk, I know. You convince people to write about the, their editors to make the space for a team few people care about right now, and I'll make sure there is a Walk. OK? OK. Bascially, you do all the work, and I'll sit here and put together a simple headline post. 

Seems fair to me.

Another day before we get to see some hockey. Late game out west, too, meaning we have to wait all day to get it. Hopefully you can all survive. Will be interesting to see if anyone is interested in staying awake to see that one.

Today begins your daily reminder about the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge. The seeding is starting to take shape. Download your bracket and start thinking about it. Enjoy yourselves as well. Maybe you could discuss strategy after answering the Facebook Question of the Day. Just sayin.

Wild News


Extra action for Wild players | -Will be interesting to see if guys like Spurgeon can find a role with the Aeros after being gone so long.


The Wild's injury list keeps growing; KFAN-Wild to begin 3-year partnership | - Here's the news about the radio swap. Enjoy.


Count defenseman Cam Barker among the many Minnesota Wild players who are injured, frustrated - - It's cool, Cam. Take all the time you need.

Off the Trail


NCAA men's hockey: Minnesota the capital of hockey nation - ESPN - Great piece from Mike Cook. You should read it, he's a good guy.

Ms. Conduct: Shutout. For Realsies. - I don't care what she says. A shutout is a shutout. They don't ever come without a little help from your team. Rock it out, Ms.C. You earned it.