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Wilderness Walk for 4-7-2011: Game Day Edition

The beginning of the end starts tonight. Three games in four days and then the sudden stop at the end that no one likes. We, of course, shall plod on into the playoffs and off-season, but it is all just a bit depressing. Even frustrating, losing hockey is better than no hockey. Sigh.

You get the Canucks tonight, so at least there is that. Should be enjoyable to watch two teams that at least sort of get revved up for each other playing with no meaning on the line. Old scores settled? New beefs created? You just never know. I wouldn't miss it is all I know.

The Question of the Day is posted, Facebook has yet to eat it, and I actually posted it before writing this today, so it better still be there. Also, don't forget to download your bracket (two posts below this one). Things are very close to being all set, so be ready.

Current Draft Position

9th overall. One point ahead of Columbus for the 8th pick. To improve anywhere past 8th, the Devils would have to win out, the Wild lose out.

Games Remaining

3, for a total of 6 points available.

Wild News

Madden hurts inside, out | - No one wants to go out hurt, starting to look that way though, eh?

An early practice, then on to Vancouver | - Russo is in Vancouver. I guess that's fair since he had to go to Detroit.

Minnesota Wild hitman Cal Clutterbuck loves being booed on the road - - Pretty good piece from Bruce.

Enemy News

Nucks Misconduct - I know they have a newspaper in Vancouver. A pretty good one. But going to Nucks Misconduct is just so much more fun.

System News

The Third Intermission: Fun weekend o hockey ahead ... - And, they get hockey after the weekend. Lucky...

Monica's Meanderings

From Abdelkader to Zuccarello – 7 April 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL Re-cap