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Wilderness Walk for 4-8-2011: Game Day Edition

There really isn't much to say this morning, is there? Another game in the books, second to last game tonight. As much as we have blasted the players, and there is much more we haven't said that could be, it is a bit depressing to read about the mood in the room. I've seen it, to a point, but it sounds like things are pretty bad in there.

No one wants that. Losing sucks for everyone, not just fans. The mood could improve, though, if they would just show some pride out there. Beating a dead horse here, but just stand up and defend your teammates. No need to go looking for it, no need to be dirty, just stand up and be men. Simple as that. The fans can handle losing, we've seen tons of it. It's the lack of hard work (Sorry, Tom) that the fans are upset about.

Draft position is great, but watching the team get embarrassed night in and night out and not show the frustration anywhere except the locker room is the most depressing thing of the whole situation.

Alas, we move on. Make sure to check out the Facebook Question of the Day, and don't forget to download your playoff bracket.

Current Draft Position

9th overall. One point ahead of Columbus for the 8th pick. To improve anywhere past 8th, the Devils would have to win out, the Wild lose out.

Games Remaining

2, for a total of 4 points available.

Wild News

Is Brunette on his way out of Wild? | - I would be. Who ever signs him is lucky, and I sure hope a contender considers him.

Wild trounced again in Vancouver | - Trounced. Good word.

No road record for Wild as Ryan Kesler's hat trick leads Vancouver win - - Road record? Sigh. No one cares.

Wild's Aeros apparent - - The Minnesota Aeros... get used to it. See? I could be a marketing guy.

Enemy News

The Copper & Blue - Good people, and it's their managing editor's birthday. Enjoy.

Monica's Meanderings

From Abdelkder to Zuccarello – 8 April 2011 | The Hockey Writers - NHL Recap

Off the Trail

NCAA Frozen Four: Championship Set As Minnesota-Duluth And Michigan Win - SB Nation Minnesota - GopherState is covering the NCAA tourny for SBNation Minnesota, and doing a damn fine job. Take a gander.