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Let's Meet: Drew Bagnall

I like him already.
I like him already.

As the Minnesota Aeros continue their downward spiral into the abyss, the Wild organization has found it fit to call up Drew Bagnall and allow him to make his NHL debut. Great chance for the "kid" as he all but earned a spot on the roster coming out of training camp, and ultimately lost out to Justin Falk, who then lost out to Marco Scandella, who then lost out to Jared Spurgeon

Everyone still with me?

Drew Bagnall has been called up, Justin Falk sent down after pussyfooting around the Vancouver Canucks last night. Russo says it was a planned swap, and I believe him. Still, the message is loud and clear, as they could have sent down Maxim Noreau. Russo even gave it to Falk a little bit this morning. his, however, is not about Justin Falk. This is about Drew Bagnall. So make the jump, and let's meet him.

First, some stats to get us started:


Then, as always, we turn to the experts:

The Third Intermission, August 9, 2010:

In 2009-10, it can be argued that the Aeros had too many guys in leadership roles; conversely, that left too few other guys doing all the dirty work, etc. I feel this might be one of the contributing factors as to why the Aeros just did not hate losing bad enough and kept them from putting together anything more than just a three-game winning streak. I think the Aeros needed a "speak-with-your actions" kind of leader, and it looks like Jim Mill found just that with the signing of Drew Bagnall. Bagnall is a stay-at-home-guy that I think Aeros fans will be glad was not re-signed by the Los Angeles Kings Organization.

Bagnall is not known as a fighter, but he will stand up for anyone on his team. 

From Ms. Conduct today:

Bags is a stay-at-home defenseman, as you can tell by his 0 goals. We keep hoping Yeo will put him on some meaningless power play at the end of a 5-1 game so that he can get his goal. He's a big, strong guy who really just doesn't put up with any crap and almost certainly would have taken care of some business last night either on the goalie interference or Butch's hit or both. He doesn't fight for fun, but he doesn't hesitate to get in there and defend his teammates either.

Unless he has to do a little policing, you might not even notice him. He's not at all flashy, but he'll do all the things you want in a shut-down defenseman. He blocks shots, he uproots guys around the net, and does a fine job doing the dirty work. He's an intense guy who hates to lose, so, you know, Minnesota is an awesome fit. *eye roll*

It's well deserved though. He's one of those glue guys in the room and a stabilizing influence for our young guys on the blue line. All I ask is that you please don't break him. Seriously. No point in getting hurt in a lost cause when you have another quite promising cause waiting for you back home.

Anyone get a touch of frustration in Ms. C's "voice" on that one? Think she just wants her team back? Yeah, me too.

Even friend of the blog, Hockey Joe Yerdon chimed in on Twitter a bit this morning:

 What you wanted Falk to do last night, you won't have to worry about Bagnall failing there. He'l protect and serve.

Video you say? OK, here's some video.

Yeah. That'll do just fine.

I think we are starting to get a pretty clear picture of who Drew Bagnall is. He sounds like the guy who needed to be here last night, and he sounds like a guy Wild fans may actually enjoy watching. While it is disappointing to see a guy like Falk miss such an obvious cue to step up, it is equally as nice to see a guy like Bagnall get his chance.

Welcome to the Wild, Drew. You are already likely familiar with the team. Enjoy yourself. Bring the pride with ya, OK? Thanks.