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Minnesota Aeros Vs. Edmonton Oilers: Game Recap

Minnesota Aeros 3  - 1  Edmonton Oilers

For the enemy perspective, please visit The Copper & Blue


Is the season over yet? Just one more game after this one. We all know what an embarassing mess the game was last night, so how would they fare against a team that's also just waiting for this season to end?


The first period started with a bang as Clayton Stoner engaged Theo Peckham in the very first seconds of the game. Peckham shook Stoner up and made him his little puppet. Quite insulting really. To add insult to injury, Stoner forgot to tie his shirt down to his equipment and got thrown out of the game as a result. I wasn't even aware of this rule, but apparently, it's to keep players from having their jerseys removed so that the opponents have something to hold on to while fighting. So right off the bat, the Wild were playing with 5 defensemen. The first period was a festival of physicality, fighting and all-around madness. A total of 5 misconducts and 100 PIM between the two teams were handed out in the first frame alone. Another first for me was seeing the Wild get a 7 minute powerplay (altohugh it was shortened by their own penalties) after Steve MacIntyre assaulted Brad Staubitz in quite a gutless fashion, grabbing him from behind, by the collar, and punching him behind the head after Staubitz threw a solid hit on Magnus Paajarvi. MacIntyre got a minor, a major for fighting and a game misconduct. Shortly after, Cal Clutterbuck threw a rather questionable hit from behind on Theo Peckham and also got thrown out of the game. I like physical play as much as the next guy, but I did not enjoy the first period. It was becoming a circus. Brent Burns FINALLY scored his 17th on a 4 on 3 powerplay slapper, so the period ended 1-0 for the Wild Aeros.

The second period saw both teams cool off, thankfully, because we don't need 300 PIM, injury filled games. Jared Spurgeon scored his third of the season, further solidifying his title of best Wild rookie of the year if you ask this canadian moose. Mikko Koivu and Pierre-Marc Bouchard assisted on both goals at that point. Teemu Hartikainen (great name) later scored his 2nd goal off a weird little blunder by Jose Theodore, who saw the puck slide from behind the goal line, past his pad and in front of the goal where Hartikainen had the easy tap-in. This period was the complete opposite of the first in that nothing very notable actually happened.


Th third period was a healthy mix of the first two periods, but far the most enjoyable one. It was pretty much all Wild, as they outshot the Oilers 14-6 in the frame. A lot of physicality in this period too, but I felt the entire game featured sloppy play from both teams, but what else could we expect? The Oilers probably got a goal taken away as the refs blew the whistle a bit too soon and the puck slid under Jose Theodore while a big party was going on in his crease and everyone was invited. Andrew Brunette scored a pretty empty-netter, assisted one again by Koivu and PMB. 3-1 win, big whoop. From March 7th to April 7th, the Wild won 4 games: One against Colorado, one against St-Louis and two against Edmonton. Yuck.


Sorry if this recap seems a bit short, but I didn't have much time to write this one. The next and final game this season, against the Dallas Stars on Sunday. Join us for the last game thread of the season. Maybe we'll do something special. Probably not though, nothing special about a third straight playoff-less season, but stick around anyway! Peace!


Game notes:

First ever season sweep of the Oilers for the Wild... yippeeeeee

The first period's PIM tally makes it a franchise record for the Wild

Another franchise record: 20 road wins. Still didn't get them to the playoffs.


Hockey Wilderness 3 stars:

1) Mikko Koivu (Was filled with rage all game long, 3 assists)

2) Jared Spurgeon (Goal in his hometown, love this kid, hope he gets even better)

3) Pierre-Marc Bouchard (3 assists)


5 questions:

1. Will someone, anyone, step up and show some fire? There certainly was a lot of fire and Sorry Tom, which was good to see. Mikko Koivu played with a temper. PIssed off Koivu = greatness.

2. Jose Theodore is playing for a contract, does it show? Had a very solid night, had one hiccup that led to a goal, but was flawless otherwise

3. Pride. Any of that to be seen tonight? Yep, it's been a while. This would've been nice a month ago

4. So, how about those Swarm, eh? I gotta check them out. I like Lacrosse.

5. Has there ever been a time Wild fans wanted an off-season more than this one? I would've prefered the off-season to come after our playoff run, but alas, it was not meant to be. Now, we just want this season to be over.