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Wilderness Walk for 4-9-2011

Well now. That certainly wasn't expected, now was it? 100 PIMs in the first period, Drew Bagnall stealing the nickname "The Sheriff" away from Shane Hnidy, and the Wild, yes the Wild, actually showing up. Sure, it was the Oilers, and that means very little for the three goals, but the fact that the guys showed a little fight was rather impressive.

Drew Bagnall is welcome on any hockey team I am following. Any time, any where. Impressive showing, tossing guys around in front of Theodore, dropping the gloves when called out, and playing some truly solid defense. All around, a very good outing, and I see him with a solid chance to be the new long term replacement on the roster should he be needed.

Spurgeon has his spot written in pen, I would guess, and Stoner likely doesn't go down, even with a two way deal next year. None of the other defensemen are leaving, so the corps looks set. If they can find a way to get Bagnall in the lineup, though, this would be a much improved team. Love the fight, "kid." Great job.

We have another Facebook Question of the Day for you today, so enjoy that. Almost every playoff team is set as well, so make sure you have your playoff challenge bracket downloaded and ready to go. You know you're excited. 

Current Draft Position

9th overall. Can only go back a spot, not up. Columbus three points back with one to play, St. Louis just one point ahead.

Games Remaining

1, for a total of 2 points available.

Wild News


Game 81, and Wild may have found next year's 1st-line right wing | - Butch with Koivu, eh? Who's going to shoot the puck? Also, some good tidbits about Shep and others.


Wild rookie called up in time for free-for-all | - Great job by Bagnall. Great job. 

Makeover of the Minnesota Wild appears likely - - Great job noticing that.

Wild 3, Oilers 1: Victory at Edmonton snaps three-game skid - - Game recap

Hitting The Post: Credit Where It's Due - Nick lashed out yesterday, gives them their just rewards today. Great stuff.

System News

The Third Intermission: A Brief Playoff Update - Playoffs. Sigh.

The Third Intermission: Corey Locke, AHL MVP - Former member of the Aeros. Pretty cool. 

The Third Intermission: The Aeros Prepping For The Playoffs - Ugh. Two playoff posts? What are you trying to do to me?

The Third Intermission: They Shoot, They Score - You have to check this out. Ms. Conduct herself out there taking shots from the Aeros and Coach Yeo. Very cool.