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Hockey Wilderness Draft Programming

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It's time.
It's time.

As soon as the season ended, we here at Hockey Wilderness began receiving comments and emails wondering when the draft coverage would begin. Trust me when I say this, we know how important the draft is, and we know how thirsty you all are for coverage of the draft.

Truth be told, there isn't a ton to report or offer you right now, other than to tell you that the draft is June 24th & 25, and that you are probably already too late to sign up for tickets. Sure, we could offer up some previews, offer who we think they should take, and offer some sarcastic fun in some way shape or form.

Problem is, that would only last a few days, and then there would be a giant gap leading into the draft, and that just really isn't solid blog management. Not that we really have any idea what we are doing here, but we do like to pretend we do.

Make the jump for the plan of attack, settled by a massive game of rock, paper, scissors.

Monday will begin what we hope to be a fun project. We will start a Community NHL Mock Draft. If you don't understand the concept of a Community NHL Mock Draft, let me explain it. The Community (you) will choose who each team will take via a daily poll. Hockey Wilderness will provide a suggested pick or two, but ultimately, the poll will decide who the team should take.

Granted, the final draft order is not set, but by the time we get that far, it should be.

So, get your draft guides ready. Study up on your central scouting reports. Or, just pick your little brother for the Canucks. What ever works for you.

For those still needing a draft fix, Dan will lead an analysis of the organization's depth, and then we will go into some potential picks. Dan will also lead that discussion, with some sarcasm and snark from the rest of us along the way. Only the Shadow knows who is on Dan's list of potential picks, but knowing Dan, the list is the right one. If it's not, we'll fire him. Probably not.

I am calling the pick previews "Dan Chan's Big Top Circus of Potential Picks for the Poor & Pathetic." Dan will likely go with something much more appropriate. You can all decide amongst yourselves what you want to call it.

Somewhere along the way, the SBNation NHL hub will make us pick someone for the Wild, something we will alert you to as it happens. We're leaning toward some kid named Nugent-Hopkins. He should still be available at 10, right? Also, stay tuned as Nathan and I are working on some other fun that may or may not pan out. If it does, it will be epic. If not, we may just get really drunk and forget we ever thought of it. Actually, we may do that either way.

There you have it, Wilderness. The draft fun starts Monday, even if it is not exactly what you have been clamoring for, but we will get to that. I promise. Patience young ones.