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Hockey Wilderness Community 2011 NHL Mock Draft: Edmonton Oilers

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The Edmonton Oilers are not a very good hockey team. Finishing 25-45-12 (62 points), a -76 goal differential, and they finished dead last in the league for the second year in a row. Funny thing about finishing dead last in the league? It gives you the first pick in the draft, just so long as Lou Lamoriello doesn't swing in at the last minute and steal it from you.

Last year, of course, the big question was Taylor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Our history lesson of the day shows us that the Oil chose Hall, and at least right now, it looks like the winning pick. Hall had 42 points (22G, 20A) in 65 games played before missing the rest of the season with a "lower body injury." Seguin, meanwhile, finished with 22 points (11G, 11A) in 74 games played, and has been a consistent healthy scratch during the Bruins playoff run.

This year, the question to which no one outside of Edmonton cares about, yet which will be the lead story on TSN for the next six weeks, is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Adam Larsson?

Make the jump for what Hockey Wilderness feels they should do, and make sure to cast your vote. Remember, you are picking as the Oilers, not against them. The poll is after the jump, and runs from now until 8PM Central Time.

The Oilers have centers. What they don't have is a center who can keep up with Taylor Hall. This could be a franchise changing moment for the Oilers, with the decision being, "Do we take the franchise center to go with the franchise winger we took last year, or do we think we can find that center on the open market?"

I'll tell you right now, the center is never going to be there on the open market.

The other choice, which isn't really a choice to anyone except a poor hockey blogger looking for something to compare in order to fill a post, is Adam Larsson, a Swedish defenseman. If the Oilers make the worst decision of all time and take Larsson first overall, he would be the first d-man taken that high since Erik Johnson in 2006, and only the second since 1996.

Is Larsson the next Erik Johnson? Is the next Erik Johnson worth missing the next Sidney Crosby or Steven Stamkos?

It is highly unlikely the Oilers take someone other than Nugent-Hopkins, but hey... that decision is up to you. With the first overall pick in the 2011 NHL Entry draft, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select: