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Hockey Wilderness Conference Finals Predictions

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Through the first round, the Hockey Wilderness team was not fairing very well. Elise schooled us all, as she is wont to do, and rubbed our faces in it like the miserable dogs we are. OK, not really, she was very classy about it and only called me a "moronic d-bag that couldn't predict a Globetrotters game" once or twice. 

She'll get hers in the second round though, just you wait and see. We are a bit behind schedule on these, with game having already started, but we still want to get on the record. So, make the jump for a recap of round two, and our very quick predictions for the conference finals.

It should be noted that in the Hockey Wilderness Playoff Bracket Challenge, we still have one perfect bracket. "Honorable H" looks to have the contest locked up going a perfect 12-0 through two rounds. Congrats on that. 

Round One Scores:

Elise: 8-0
JS: 7-1
Nathan: 4-4
Dan: 7-1
Bryan: 4-4

Round Two Re-Cap:

Vancouver Canucks vs Nashville Predators

Who got it right? Elise, JS, Nathan (Elise had the games right as well)
Who got it wrong? Bryan, Dan - We still maintain we hold the moral ground, here. 

Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks

Who got it right? Elise & Bryan (neither got the game correct)
Who got it wrong? JS, Dan, & Nathan (hereafter "The Trifecta of Wrongitude) all sided with the forces of evil. Karma will get you.

Washington Capitals vs Tampa Bay Lightning

Who got it right? Elise & Bryan (neither got the games)
Who got it wrong? The Trifecta of Wrongitude

Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins

Who got it right? Just Dan, though somehow, I think he cheated.
Who got it wrong? Everyone else.

Round Two Scores:

Elise: 3-1
JS: 1-3
Nathan: 1-3
Dan: 1-3
Bryan: 2-2

Overall Leader Board:

Elise: 11-1
JS: 8-4
Dan: 8-4
Bryan: 6-6
Nathan: 5-7

Conference Finals Predictions

Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks

Elise: Canucks in 6
JS: Nucks in 5. I truly, massively hate to say this, but if the behemoth that is Ryan Kesler keeps going, he's bringing a Stanley Cup to Vancouver. I will now go puke and ask God for forgiveness.
Dan: Sharks in 7. If there is one team that can meet the Canuck's depth in forwards, its the Sharks.
Bruce: Sharks in 6
Bryan: Sharks in 7 - I refuse to credit the Nucks with my name. 
Nathan: Canucks in 7.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Boston Bruins

Elise: Bolts in 6
JS: Bruins in 6. I don't expect Roli to survive the third round, provided we see 2nd round Bruins and not 1st round Bruins.
Dan: Bruins in 7. I got it right last time when you guys picked Flyers and I'll get it right AGAIN! In your face!
Bruce: Bruins in 7
Bryan: Bolts in 6 - They simply look unstoppable right now. Of course, they said the same thing about the Stars in 1991. That ended well. 
Nathan: Lightning in 6